PlayStation Store: Dragon Marked for Death and Creaks

PlayStation Store: Dragon Marked for Death and Creaks


Dragon Marked for Death Creaks Warhammer 40.000: Mechanicus Fantasy Strike Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break The other games coming out The new update of the PlayStation Store marks the arrival on the Sony digital platform of a series of somewhat niche titles, often of an independent nature, but whose quality has already been fully recognized. This is certainly the case of Dragon Marked for Death, the latest action RPG of Inti Creates, and of the fascinating adventure Creaks.

However, the releases do not stop there: Warhammer 40.000 also make its debut this week : Mechanicus, the free-to-play fighting game Fantasy Strike, Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break and the digital version of the latest Game Freak effort, Little Town Hero.

Dragon Marked for Death

A little over a year after its release on Nintendo Switch, Dragon Marked for Death (€ 39.99) also brings its RPG action to PS4, involving us in a fantasy adventure that we will be able to face from alone or in a cooperative for a maximum of four participants. The story of the game tells of the survivors of an ancient clan, determined to take revenge on the army that destroyed their kingdom and captured the Stirpedidrago oracle.

To succeed in the undertaking, the four warriors make a pact with a dragon in order to obtain its powers and exploit them to complete missions of various kinds, which involve the elimination of dangerous monsters but also the escort of citizens, the rescue of prisoners and the search for treasures.


the Last work of the talented team at Amanita Design , Creaks ( 19,99 euro ) is an adventure based puzzle characterized by a graphic style that is peculiar to hand-drawn, which helps to create an atmosphere that is dark and disturbing while we are trying to help the protagonist of the story to explore the mysterious world that he has discovered to exist behind a wall of his room, imagining shapes, and snares in the darkness.

The alternation of light and shadows is at the core of the gameplay of Creaks, together with the interaction with the objects of the scenario for the resolution of the puzzles that embellish the progression. The system is enriched by a sub-narrative hermetic and fascinating, as well as it is essential to the soundtrack that accompanies our exploration.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus ( 39,99 euro ) is a turn-based strategy that sees this time featuring two factions belonging to the universe created by Games Workshop : the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Necrons. The clash is inevitable, and is told in a very effective in the context of a fascinating story, that gives a nod to the fans of the franchise, but is fascinating even for those who do not know much about it.

On the front of the gameplay, the mechanics are inspired by the long tradition of the genre without introducing specific innovations or who knows what thickness, but have the advantage of not being punitive as in other similar products. Sin for the technical sector, that could definitely offer something more on the front of the graphics.

Fantasy Strike

Designed by David Sirlin, one of the authors of the series Street Fighter , Fantasy Strike ( free ) is an in-game meetings with two peculiarities: on the one hand the gameplay is extremely immediate, that uses very few buttons for the execution of the moves, but nonetheless has a thickness of tactical of all respect; on the other, the format free-to-play, which allows you to download the game for free.

Equipped with a roster to compact but varied, with the characters divided into four different classes, each with specific features, the game boasts a fair amount of content to experience in single player and to the competitive challenges in the multiplayer, with the possibility of giving life to the fights frantic and fun.

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

the Third episode of the original series of strategic ACE Team , Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break ( 29,99 euro ) mixes humor and strategic action in a unique, fun solution and involves us in a campaign in which our goal will be timely to throw a boulder and roll it along a path up to break through the entrance to the enemy stronghold and open the way to our army for the completion of the siege.

however, There are also situations in tower defense style in which we will have to defend from the boulders thrown by our opponents, organizing the best the obstacles in their way, as well as challenges of skill with interesting variations on the theme, an editor for the creation of the scenarios and a portfolio of the multiplayer from the large ambitions.

other games you play

Little Town Hero ( 35,99€) is the new RPG developed by Game Freak, the team, the author of the series Pok√©mon , full of peculiar characters, settings, colourful, and plenty of monsters to fight. One Dog's Story ( 12,99 euro ), an action platformer in which, driving a dog anthropomorphic, you will have to overcome levels full of pitfalls using weapons and special items. Ultimate Racing 2D (£9.99 ), an arcade racer with a view from above, which refers to the classics of the genre, offering us a career mode with more than forty-five tracks. Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location ( 7,99 euro ), the last episode of the famous horror series, which will see us aim to survive a night in the creepy amusement park, to the Pizza World. Rainswept (£9.99 ), a dynamic adventure from the minimal style that tells the story of a detective committed to investigate the killing of a couple. Mushroom Heroes ( 5,99 euro ), a platformer in retro style in which we will have to coordinate the actions of three cute little mushrooms, each with unique skills. Jisei: The First Case HD ( 4,99 euro ), a visual novel that tells the story of a boy unjustly accused of murder, must use his innate abilities to prove his innocence. Aircraft Evolution (£9.99 ), an action game in which, with the guidance of several aircraft, we will have to bombard and destroy a series of enemy bases. Super Toy Cars 2 (€14.99 ), the second episode of the series arcade game inspired by Micro Machines in which you will be able to compete among the tables and shelves. Black Desert , the fascinating MMORPG by Pearl Abyss, who is back on the PlayStation Store, with three different premium editions: the Traveler Edition from € 29.99 , the Explorer Edition from 49,99 euro and the rich Conqueror Edition from 99.99 euros .

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