New for the protection of Google accounts

New for the protection of Google accounts
As October is the month dedicated to raising awareness on cybersecurity, the Mountain View group reaffirms the three fundamental principles on which it bases its strategy aimed at protecting users: keeping information safe, treating it responsibly and giving it to people the control they want.

Google: three new features for account security

This vision includes three new features that will make it possible to strengthen the level of protection on Google accounts, giving the legitimate owners greater freedom in deciding which data to store and which ones to be forgotten.

Active protection with clearly visible security alerts (in the animation below): when a problem is detected security related to the Google Account, a warning is shown in the Google app you are using, along with directions for resolution, without having to check your email or receive other alerts on your phone. Google Assistant in Guest Mode to not save interactions: when you want to prevent interactions with the Google Assistant from being saved in your account, you can activate Guest Mode with a simple voice command. Simplified controls on privacy and security: soon it will be possible to manage the history of locations directly in the movements of Google Maps, quickly adding or changing the places visited.

To this is added a feature that allows, simply by asking the device a question such as “Is my Google Account protected?”, to view the settings relating to privacy and security.

On this occasion, the Mountain View group highlights some of the results achieved on this front: over 4 billion devices protected with Safe Browsing, more than 100 million phishing attempts blocked by Gmail and over 500 billion scanned applications every day from Play Protect.

Source: Google Blog Italy

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