Microsoft fires Xbox Brasil presenter, victim of harassment

Microsoft fires Xbox Brasil presenter, victim of harassment
Yesterday afternoon, Microsoft fired Xbox Brasil host Isadora Basile, who has been hired for about a month and a half. The 18-year-old presenter, in fact, joined the Xbox Brasil team in early September 2020 and was in charge of its Brazilian channel on YouTube. Since taking that role, however, Isadora Basile has reported attacks from the community, such as threats of rape and death.

“I'm no longer an Xbox Brasil host” so the former presenter and current influencer warns his followers, publicly explaining on Twitter the reason for this measure and specifying that his removal was necessary to no longer be exposed to the threats of the community and fans of the brand.

Não sou mais apresentadora from Xbox Brasil .

- Isadora Basile (@IsadoraBasile) October 16, 2020

“At the beginning of September, when I announced my new job , I suffered attacks of all kinds, from people who said that I did not play game X or Y, so I was not 'worthy' of my work, even threats of rape, death and judgments by presenting the most tense situations, "he said. the influencer to her followers.

"Due to all these attacks, Microsoft considered it the best solution to relieve me of the position of presenter, so as to no longer be exposed to situations such as those that have occurred" , Isadora Basile declared with a tweet. In the last few hours, she has once again thanked everyone who supported her, declaring that she respected Microsoft's decision and was grateful to him for working time together. At the same time, however, the numerous users on the web who have elaborated comments of encouragement and support towards the girl, have expressed their disappointment with the decision taken by Microsoft regarding the reality of Xbox Brasil.

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