Among Us: An absurd game with 100 players is shown in a video

Among Us: An absurd game with 100 players is shown in a video
Among Us's gameplay is definitely interesting, even in games ranging from 4 to 10 players. No more than ten of course: this is the limit figure set by the InnerSloth developers. However, today we can show you something new: an absurd game, in which 100 players took part at the same time.

We know, we know: this is not possible with the "simple" game downloaded to a PC or smartphone. But the YouTuber Socksfor1 (with a channel of almost 2 million subscribers) has created an ad hoc version, then shared on Discord with 99 others present. He thus organized a game session on Among Us with 100 participants, something that is definitely not seen every day; just like you don't see a player dressed as Toad from Super Mario every day.

You can imagine how it ended: it was total chaos, and sometimes they managed to win even the impostors. Yes, because of course to balance the title out of 100 present at least 10 were the bad guys on duty, who had to eliminate all the others without being discovered. To learn more about the mechanics of Among Us you can read our review Your text to link ....

Here is the video of the hilarious undertaking: let us know what you think with a nice comment .


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