Microsoft and smart working: Hybrid Workplace vision

Microsoft and smart working: Hybrid Workplace vision
No official announcement for the moment, but the editorial staff of The Verge website has published the guidelines of what Microsoft internally calls Hybrid Workplace: it is the company's vision regarding smart working that will allow employees to decide whether to continue work from home as done in recent months, even after the health emergency has ended.

Microsoft employees will be able to work from home, forever

There will obviously be exceptions as in the case of those in roles in which it is necessary, for example, to physically access data center equipment, laboratories where the design of new hardware devices is carried out, or face-to-face training staff. For all the others, a reimbursement of the expenses incurred to set up a home office will also be provided: an aspect that companies wishing to make the so-called agile work their new normal will necessarily have to face in order to avoid putting the burdens on those who provide service.

According to what has been leaked, the news will initially involve the employees employed by the Redmond group in the United States, free to move to another city in the country or even internationally if their job allows it.

Other important realities of the hi-tech world are moving in the same direction: it is for example the case of Google and Facebook which, also on the basis of the feedback collected in the last period of forced smart working, are evaluating what to do : the social network in blue, for example, will not force employees to return to the office at least until July 2021. In any case, this is not an overseas exclusive, just today on these pages we have reported an entirely similar experimental initiative put in place by our local operator Fastweb.

Source: The Verge

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