Kokoon NightBuds, the thinnest earphones in the world to sleep peacefully

Kokoon NightBuds, the thinnest earphones in the world to sleep peacefully
If you have always wanted to be able to sleep with your headphones on, but until now with each model you have found yourself having to put yourself in uncomfortable positions or suffer ear pains, the solution created by Kokoon is made for you! The NightBuds are the thinnest wireless earphones in the world, specially designed to help you sleep.

Available with the participation in the Kickstarter campaign launched by Kokoon, the NightBuds arrive on the market as the successor to the first model of headphones dedicated to sleep. , introduced by the company in 2015 and of which it has sold over 30,000 units.

The Kokoon NightBuds are only 5.4mm thin, making them the thinnest in-ear headphones in the world, and they work in coordination with an application on your smartphone to take care of you while you sleep.

Developed with the staff of Europe's largest sleep laboratory, the NightBuds automatically adapt the audio as the wearer falls asleep, providing then statistics and specific advice to improve your sleep.

NightBuds allow you to play your favorite audio source and also support audiobooks or podcasts. In a completely automatic and intelligent way, these earphones are able to recognize when the user is about to fall asleep, gradually lowering the volume and stopping playback in due time. You can even resume listening the next day by picking up where you left off the previous night.

They use Kokoon's Sleep Coaching technology and monitor sleep via PPGs and accelerometers to provide personalized insights and specific recommendations for the user. By applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), widely recognized as the most effective treatment for helping sleep users,

users will have access to personalized AI-based coaching which will dispense advice based on their type of sleep.

“Within the app users can 'create their own Kokoon ', an immersive 4D binaural stage through which listeners can experience amazing relaxing audio like Misty Mountain Hideaway. From within this virtual space they can enjoy their own audio to discover a completely new experience "- Kokoon.

Kokoon plans to ship the first NightBuds as early as Q2 2021 and they can be yours for just $ 129 if you decide to join the campaign on the croudfunding site Kickstarter.

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