INPS: new assignments for the Technical Structure

INPS: new assignments for the Technical Structure
INPS wants to innovate and renew itself. The Institute needs and awareness of it, moving accordingly in the right direction. A few weeks after the publication of the call for the recruitment of 165 IT specialists, today a document relating to the conferment of non-general managerial positions relating to what is defined as Technical Structure for Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation appears on the pages of the official website.

INPS's call for Innovation and Digital Transformation

The entire national territory is interested. An appeal addressed first of all to INPS employees who have until November 1 to express their availability through the procedure accessible from the intranet site ("Home", "Employee services", "Executives inquiry"). The vacant functions are as follows:

Technology Innovation; Digital Processes & UX design; Agile Enablement & Delivery; Employee Engagement. The notice emphasizes that "executives belonging to other public administrations, on the other hand, must send the expression of interest and availability by sending an email to", again by 1 November, attaching curriculum vitae, brief report illustrating the professional experiences gained, declaration of absence of causes of non-transferability and declaration of absence of causes of incompatibility.

INPS will give priority to examining the candidacies presented by the managers belonging to the Institute. Subsequently, the candidacies of the managers of the other administrations will be examined.

The need for renewal of INPS, especially as regards the provision of digital services, was there for all to see last spring when the portal of the Institute literally collapsed as soon as the procedure for collected for requests for the Bonus 600 euros. A few hours after the down, the leak of personal data that exposed information from numerous profiles, revealing the need to evolve a platform that has remained stationary and equal to itself for too long, unable to respond to new needs.

A step in the name of change was taken at the beginning of October when the PIN gave way to SPID.

Source: INPS

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