How to turn a WordPress post into an automatic Twitter thread

How to turn a WordPress post into an automatic Twitter thread

A new feature cuts the paragraphs of a blog post into 280-character tweets and also illustrates them with photos and videos

WordPress can turn an article (left) into a Twitter thread (right ) with a simple click (photo: WordPress) On WordPress you can transform the text of a blogpost into a Twitter thread. This function will allow you to chirp every word of the article with a couple of clicks, also accompanied by images and videos, automatically divided into blocks of 280 characters within a concatenated stream of posts.

icona jetpack su WordPress (photo: WordPress) To access the function, the WordPress user must click on the Jetpack icon, located at the top right of the page of their blog, and connect their Twitter account (s) to the WordPress site.

Then you will have to choose which ones you want to tweet the article with and select the new option that allows you to share the text as a Twitter thread and not as a single tweet.

The new tool that allows you to transform an article on WordPress in a Twitter thread (left) and its preview function (right) (source: WordPress) The tool will allow, as it already does, to introduce the article with a descriptive tweet that will become the head of the thread with Containing the shared text.

By clicking on the Publish button, WordPress will generate a cascade of tweets by dividing the text of the article into blocks of 280 characters. The clever feature of this automatic splitting is that it will never break a word or phrase in half once you run out of characters. When a paragraph is too long to fit in a single tweet, the feature will be able to split sentences into multiple meaningful tweets.

To further act on the subdivision of the article into tweets, in order to avoid the errors that an algorithm can make, the function provides the user with a tool that shows the preview, to verify the correct subdivision of the tweets and correct where the algorithm has cut a period badly. At the end of the generated tweet cascade there will always be a link to the original WordPress post.

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