Hasbro Leader, Marvel Legends Series: the review

Hasbro Leader, Marvel Legends Series: the review
Leader is a very unique character in the Marvel universe, and is the nemesis of one of the most popular heroes of Avengers: Hulk. Contrary to the big green man, this slender villain of great and enormous, has only the head, or rather, what is inside.

The character

Born in the mid-60s of last century from the work of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Samuel Stern or Marvel Leader, in his homeland translated with a little iconic "Boss", is a simple worker in the chemical factory where his brother is employed as a researcher. For this reason, he is consumed with envy (a very polite way of saying that "good", and not a little) and always seeks a way to retaliate. During one shift, while transporting radioactive material, he is hit by an explosion and undergoes exposure to a massive dose of gamma rays that make him all green (Bruce Banner reminds you of anything?) And modify his skull and gray matter .

As a direct consequence, his IQ is amplified beyond all limits and he begins to create his own organization, obviously criminal, with which he tries to eliminate the green giant, that of the Avengers just to understand. Many defeats after the Chief is arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. , tried (and acquitted thanks to a really good lawyer) and released. In the Nevada desert he creates, not alone of course, the Red Hulk and the Red She-Hulk. This is until the Red Hulk, after discovering that the Red She-Hulk is his daughter, absorbs all the gamma radiation and intelligence from the Chief's body and condemns him to simply return Samuel Stern.

Megami… no, only the Boss

Hasbro Leader Marvel Legends is a villain born by chance and full of resentment for his brother. A mix like this is a really good foundation to work on and Stan Lee's genius did the rest. So here's an incredible character who uses his brain to create something incredibly evil. His powers are not about superrunning, flying ability or superhuman strength like many other supervillains; they are mostly related to learning, concentration, photographic memory, mathematical skills worthy of a God, remote control, psionic powers and telepathy. All created by gamma radiation, of course, but aimed at venting years of repressed frustrations to get a victory over his more gifted brother.

The action figure

After the psychoanalysis session is the time to move on to the analysis of the Marvel Leader action figure. Thin and tapered, without a hint of fat, the Head is represented in a truly excellent way, with an elongated and enlarged head in a way that is however proportionate to the body. That's all if we exclude the Abomination leg. At first glance we notice a great elasticity of the model intended as the possibility of moving the limbs in all directions (the support of the figure is like saying ... very possessive ... and you should not be surprised if, in removing it from the plastic, the model will arch a nice bit).

So don't worry because the whole is really robust. Thanks go to those who integrated the 25 joints of Hasbro Pinless technology into the ABS and plastic of the Cape. With these Marvel Leaders he can assume many positions including our beloved lotus, hold the "running" position, assume a statuesque pose and so on, all without fear of something moving causing him to fall. The details of the suit and the painting of the head are excellent as well as the realization of the rubber details positioned between the shoulders and on the waist.


The level of sculpture of the Hasbro Marvel Legends models Series is excellent, worthy of a collectible miniature and even the Capo does not escape this rule. The muscle bundles are elongated, toned and well built. The abdomen is harmonious with just hinted abdominals, as befits a person with little physique, with arms defined in the muscles and proportioned hands. The lean physique contrasts the elongated head with attention to the smallest details such as, for example, the veins on the temples.

The facial features are decisive and masculine, with an imposing "boxer" nose to which sides we find piercing eyes and made according to the style seen throughout the Marvel Legends series of Hasbro. The shiny hair (yes, really shiny) then frames the upper part of the skull in the shape of a watermelon, surrounding the black goatee on the chin. An excellent transposition of the character seen in the Marvel strips of 55 years ago.


Hasbro Leader is very agile indeed. The slender and elongated body is able to play with space. The amount of poses obtainable by playing with the joints has no numbers and the materials that compose them allow him to maintain the pose practically indefinitely. It can practically reproduce any pose and can be integrated into any scene without any problem.


Being part of the wave dedicated to the latest Marvel Avengers game by Square Enix (available for the online purchase on pc and console) and being included in the Build a Figure series, Marvel Leader also has a part of bonus figures to complete Abomination, specifically a leg. Abomination will be composed after having grouped and assembled the other bonus parts scattered in the boxes of Iron Man, Mar-Vell, Ms Marvel, Rage and Mach-1. In practice it will make up a great ally for our character. The leg is extremely detailed and shows claws, spines, scales and part of the pants.


Hasbro Leader of the Marvel Legends series is an exemplary model that will not look disfigured (despite il capoccione) in the various collections of fans of Marvel comics created by the great Stan Lee in the 60s. Obviously then it is essential for those who want to complete Abomination.

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