Hasbro PulseCon 2020, Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 is coming

Hasbro PulseCon 2020, Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 is coming
Hasbro, always active in the world of collecting, on the occasion of Hasbro PulseCon 2020, announces a new series of action figures for the Marvel Legends line with some characters taken from the Marvel's Avengers videogames and other generic ones from the world of comics. It does not end here, of course, because this kind of "group" outputs contain parts of a much larger figure divided into each individual package, which therefore requires purchasing the entire lot to be built. The action figures are six in all, they will be made of plastic on a six-inch scale (about 12 cm more or less). Each of them will cost € 22.90 and will be available from December 30, 2020. Let's see in detail what this wave offers and who can be obtained by combining the pieces contained in all the releases.

List of releases:

Atmosphere Iron Man Stealth Captain America Jocasta Falcon Thunderstrike Kang

Atmosphere Iron Man

Tony Stark builds this armor (available as an in-game alternate skin) that is capable of overcoming Earth's atmosphere and defending the planet from threats and catastrophes. Figure features interchangeable hands, tony's head without a helmet and a buildable figure leg.

Atmosphere Iron Man is available for purchase online

Stealth Captain America

Steve Rogers Alias Captain America uses this uniform when he wants to be less visible to the enemy. We also see this uniform in the game as a playable skin. The Cap figure has two interchangeable fists, the shield and the second leg of the BuildAfigure.

Stealth Captain America is available for online purchase


Jocasta is a Marvel character born in 1977. Created by Ultron as his wife, she rebels against her creator and then joins the Avengers. Jocasta can emit infrared rays and generate force fields, possesses strength and super intelligence, and is capable of occupying the bodies of other droids. Hasbro's action figure contains two additional hands and the bust of the figure to compose.

Jocasta is available for purchase online


He is one of the longest-serving members in the team of Avengers was also recently the heir to Captain America's shield. The figure contains the huge wings of the classic costume and one of the arms of the bonus figure.

Falcon is available for purchase online


Eric Kevin Masterson is a mortal who obtained from Odin the same powers as Thor. His genesis as a hero has its roots in friendship with the God of Thunder, it can be considered in effect a second version of Thor as is War Machine for Iron Man or Miles Morales for Peter Parker. Thunderstrike contains the head of the figure to compose.

Thunderstrike is available for purchase online


Kang the Conqueror is a Marvel comic character who has ties to the Fantastic 4 but who often interacts with the Avengers. His skill is time travel and he uses 40th century technology to build weapons and equipment that can put our heroes in check. Figure contains a shotgun, three additional hands and the BuilAfigure arm.

Kang is available for purchase online

BuildAfigure - Joe Fixit

Finally we have come to him, Joe Fixit, a early versions of the Hulk when he was still sentient and gray (at least in the comics). The outfit with a suit is due to the fact that Banner's alter ego was helping a gangster boss at that time. Joe Fixit can only be obtained by purchasing all the other action figures in the line.

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