Gran Turismo 7, the preview: let's take stock of the situation

Gran Turismo 7, the preview: let's take stock of the situation
The Gran Turismo series will also arrive on PlayStation 5 thanks to a new episode titled Gran Turismo 7. A game that, from what has emerged so far also in relation to the statements of the developers, aims to bring all the quality, fun and elegance of the series also on the new generation of Sony consoles. And knowing the passion for cars that has always inspired Kazunori Yamauchi and his staff, the hopes that the work can truly prove to be a real tribute to the world of four wheels are concrete.

Gran Turismo 7, what we know

Although not much is known about the next episode of the Polyphony Digital saga, there is still enough information to at least get an idea of ​​what lies ahead. The title will probably start from a well-tried formula, both in terms of content and playability, without however renouncing to innovate some aspects.

To achieve the goal of offering fans greater realism in terms of immersion, the developer obviously also focuses on the technological sector and, above all, on playability, relying on the characteristics of the new hardware available. Regarding the first element, Kazunori Yamauchi stressed that the team is fully committed to bringing graphics, sound and physics up to the potential of PlayStation 5, and that therefore players should expect a step forward, albeit not very clear, under the technical profile.

In one of the videos released some time ago by the developer, we were able to admire graphics that could still be improved, but already beautiful to look at, and thanks to the shot from inside the passenger compartment we even glimpse a hint of dynamic weather and day night cycle. And again, details such as the realistic reflections of the light on the bodywork and the surrounding terrain, and that of the images on the rear-view mirror, apparently without any visual stumbling.

The functions of DualSense

But in addition to a graphics sector at the limits of photorealism, with support for 4K, HDR and with a fixed framerate at 60fps with active ray tracing, Polyphony Digital aims definitely also on the sound, taking advantage of the console's Tempest 3D AudioTech. Thanks to the PlayStation 5 audio chip, the user will be able to feel more involved in what is happening on the track thanks to a 3D sound system that will allow him to hear the direction from where a specific sound is coming from.

In the same way, to better bring the player into the world of Gran Turismo 7, some of the functions of the DualSense, the official controller of the Sony console will be exploited. In particular, its support for haptic feedback, to perceive through vibrations or movements even the most sensitive contact of the tires with the road or the small irregularities of the road surface, and to the adaptive triggers, to sense, among other things, the vibrations of the ABS and the different resistance of the accelerator on different types of cars.

Great importance, as mentioned at the beginning, will then be reserved to the general physics and to that linked to the driving model. In this sense, the developers point to a more realistic general behavior of the car, where the different types of traction and settings have a greater impact on its reaction during a race. Other tweaks should concern the management of ABS control and rear-wheel drive, so as to obtain greater maneuverability when braking and greater stability when exiting corners.

Driving model

The refinement of the elements that in the game contribute to the correct management of the suspensions and the behavior of the car in curves and ups and downs it is rumored that it will be one of the most important aspects of the driving model of Gran Turismo 7. Hoping that the artificial intelligence of the opponents managed by the game is made equally credible, without the "trains" of the past or behaviors that are not very relevant to what happens at that moment on the track.

Circuits where we expect convincing and less artificial collisions and collisions. But GT, as a sentence on the game's official website goes, "goes beyond racing". So we expect the usual space reserved for the collection of cars, with a personal garage where, among other things, to fine-tune and customize hundreds of cars by intervening on the mechanical modifications to the engine, the braking system, the exhaust system or guide.

And then many tracks and several game modes, with a series of options and events for both single player and multiplayer, with the return of the much loved simulation mode that can be selected, like the others, via completely redesigned menus with a smarter style, to be more friendly, dynamic and easy to consult. GT World, Home, but also the workshops, the shops, the tournaments, the Academy, will all be just a click away. In short, on the card Gran Turismo 7 has a lot of meat in the fire to offer its fans, hoping that each of the promises made by the developers will be kept.

Gran Turismo 7 aims to bring all the quality, the fun and the elegance of the series also on PlayStation 5, and there is a strong feeling that the new chapter wants to start from the already excellent base of Sport, and then evolve into "something" more complete. Of course, it is still early to draw conclusions or make definitive judgments, but everything suggests that the path taken by Yamauchi and his staff for the debut on the new Sony console is the right one to create that authentic jewel that the history of Gran Turismo and its huge fan base deserve it.


Support for some of the DualSense features opens up exciting new scenarios Lots of old and new game modes Solid driving model as per tradition, but more refined DOUBTS Artificial intelligence to be verified Will the collision system be less artificial than in the past? What impact will dynamic weather and the day-night cycle have on gameplay?

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