Chrome now blocks notifications from these sites

Chrome now blocks notifications from these sites
For those who surf the net often, seeing a popup asking for permission to send notifications to the user when opening a website is no longer a surprise. Many portals use the system to notify repeat visitors of the availability of new content or important news. However, there are also those who use the functionality integrated in Chromium-based browsers to forward spam or malicious links but Google seems to have had enough.

Starting with Google Chrome 86, the company has started blocking and automatically hide the request for activation of notifications from websites that abuse the system. The list of websites deemed too intrusive or dangerous is automatically updated by Google.

The Mountain View company's web crawling service will subscribe to a site's notifications if it requires push permissions, so as to being able to monitor the content sent and evaluate the websites. The automatic crawlers will then use the Google Safe Browsing blacklist service to evaluate the notifications received, automatically reporting all the sites that abuse it for malicious purposes to enforce the blocking of notifications.

“Abusive notification requests are one of the main user complaints we receive for Chrome, ”said PJ McLachlan, Google Web Platform Product Manager. “Our goal with these changes is to improve the Chrome user experience and reduce the incentive for abusive sites to misuse the web notification feature.”

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Website owners will be able to check the rating status of their pages from the Search Console. Google provides them with detailed guidance on correcting automatically detected abusive notifications and requesting a subsequent re-evaluation.

“In an upcoming release, Chrome will restore the authorization status of notifications from" granted "to" default " "For abusive origins, preventing further notifications unless the user returns to the abusive origin and reactivates the notifications", added McLachlan.

Browsing the internet with the Google browser has therefore become a this update a little more secure, to the delight of many users who are hit every day by spam notifications.

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