Gears 5 on Xbox Series X and Series S, Dave Bautista is in the campaign

Gears 5 on Xbox Series X and Series S, Dave Bautista is in the campaign
One of the new features introduced in Gears 5 with the arrival on Xbox Series X> and Series S is the ability to put Dave Bautista in the place of Marcus Fenix. The well-known wrestler, as well as Hollywood star, will completely replace Marcus in features and voice. The lines of the dialogues will remain the same.

Among the other features of Gears 5 for the new consoles stand out support for 4K and 120fps in multiplayer. Expect more particles, a completely revised lighting system, and more, too.

If you want more information about the game, read our Gears 5 review where we wrote:

At the end of the Gears 5 review we believe that the game succeeds in bringing the Microsoft series to new heights. It does so thanks to an engaging and well-directed campaign, which at first focuses on the visual impact and the atmosphere and then takes off, opening up to a structure different from the usual, less linear and more oriented towards an exploration without constraints . The spectacular firefights and the new gameplay, in particular the interesting role of Jack, keep the interest alive for the entire duration of the story, which once completed leaves us to a multiplayer capable of alternating the solidity of the most known modes and the charm of new entries, complete with an editor. Net of some technical uncertainty on Xbox One and a few minor flaws, the work done by The Coalition is excellent: a new benchmark for the genre.

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