FAPAV: the lockdown has multiplied piracy

FAPAV: the lockdown has multiplied piracy
According to the data communicated by the Federation for the protection of audiovisual and multimedia content (FAPAV), the lockdown in Italy coincided with a real surge in the use of pirated content. What could be instinctively asserted with a certain certainty, the numbers now confirm in the report presented by the federation:

The lockdown period due to the pandemic has seen an increase in the illicit phenomenon, bringing the incidence of piracy at 40% against 37% for the whole of 2019. The use of Pirate IPTV has also grown, from 10% in 2019 to 19% in the "black" two-month period of 2020. It is worth remembering that during the period In quarantine, one in two Italians has devoted much more time to the use of audiovisual content and it is estimated that the number of subscribers to legal platforms has grown by 8%.

More time (too much time) has resulted in to a greater search for content and above all to the search for tricks to circumvent payments and thus be able to enjoy movies and streaming without having to invest in subscriptions, rentals or purchases. The lockdown, in short, forced a situation that was trying to build new balances on which to erect the new distribution platforms.

What FAPAV is now asking for is a strengthening of the powers of AGCOM, reinforcing a a model that Italy has given birth to in the past years and that now the copyright holders would like to be supported by new interventions. On the eve of new closures that could determine for 2020 a real black hole in the fight against piracy, in short, the FAPAV puts its hands forward preparing the ground for the battles that will be ridden in 2021: to defeat piracy, more radical countermeasures are needed and the copyright industry once again sees in AGCOM the entity that has the ability to shift the balance.

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