AMD, the new Chipset Drivers are preparing for the arrival of Zen 3

AMD, the new Chipset Drivers are preparing for the arrival of Zen 3
AMD recently released a new version of its Chipset Drivers ( to improve the performance of Ryzen systems on AM4 and TRX40 sockets, while also taking advantage of the opportunity to fix some bugs encountered by users.

Ryzen power mode, which determines the processor to function along with other operating system conditions, has changed from version to The rather short change log only mentions that "support for a new program has been added", but no further details are specified.

The chipset update also includes the indication "added support for a new program ”for the MicroPEP driver. The latter helps the chip manage the transitions between different power states and frequencies.

AMD has also updated the I2C driver and the changelog reports improvements to the "clock rate adjustment", so it appears that AMD is changing its power and frequency management subsystems. The Sunnyvale company has also made some other changes, including bug fixes for PCI and SFH drivers, as well as eliminating several problems during installation.

As always, we recommend updating the Chipset Drivers as soon as possible to make the most of your system. If you have a configuration equipped with a Ryzen CPU, you can download the file directly from the AMD support page.

Yesterday we told you about the alleged technical specifications of the Ryzen 5000U series, which should be used in various notebooks and mobile devices in general due out next year.

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After the presentation of the Ryzen 5000 series for desktop, now the wait is all for the press conference on October 28th, during which AMD will officially present the new Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards, also called Big Navi.

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