Fallout 76 is a free trial version for a whole week

Fallout 76 is a free trial version for a whole week
As everyone knows, Fallout 76 isn't Bethesda's most loved game. The idea of ​​a chapter of the saga in online format had intrigued many, but in the first months the common opinion of the public is that Fallout 76 was an incomplete game and not faithful to the spirit of the offline chapters. Fortunately, Bethesda worked on improving the work and released expansions such as Wastelanders and Nuclear Winter. But if you still have doubts, now you have a way to delete them: Fallout 76 is free in a trial version for a whole week.

On all platforms, until next October 26, it will be possible to download the game for free ( Including DLC) and, should you decide to purchase the full version, all progress made will remain available, along with purchases made in the in-game store.

To redeem the free week of Fallout 76, you simply have to go to the official page of the Bethesda website. However, we remind you that, on Xbox One, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to play this free trial. On PlayStation 4, however, it is not necessary to be a PS Plus subscriber.

In addition, three in-game events will be available during the trial week that will allow you to earn double experience points and SCORE, as well as a discount on 25% on legendary weapons and armor from the Collector to the Rusty Pickaxe in the Ashpile. In addition, you can also try the Fallout 1st subscription for free.

To be able to claim it, all you have to do is claim the limited preview version of Fallout 1st in the Atomic Shop. This is an excellent opportunity to try Bethesda's game and understand once and for all if it has become interesting, also thanks to the DLC, or if it still does not meet your standards.

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If you have already decided to buy Fallout 76, you can find it right now on Amazon Italy, precisely at this address.

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