The US against Google on research and advertising

The US against Google on research and advertising
The company allegedly implemented anti-competitive practices in order to preserve the monopoly in the search engine market and in the advertising market: this is the accusation made by the US Department of Justice against Google.

Users Americans are forced to accept Google's rules, privacy practices and use of personal data. And new companies with innovative business models cannot emerge from Google's long shadow.

Antitrust: Google in the sights of the United States

The document published by Washington makes reference without mincing words to an "illegal conduct" according to the "traditional antitrust principles" that "must be stopped". How? Forcing the Mountain View group to operate in a different way from what has been done up to now, adopting methods that favor competition rather than stifle it.

Google's reply was not long in coming, entrusted to the blog pages official where a post titled "A Deeply Flawed Cause That Would Do Nothing to Help Consumers" appeared and signed by Kent Walker (SVP of Global Affairs). Here is an excerpt in translated form.

People use Google because they choose it, not because they are forced to do so or because they cannot find alternatives. This lawsuit would do nothing to help users. On the contrary, it would artificially support lower quality search alternatives and make it harder for people to get to the information they want.

The dynamic that sees bigG and its parent company Alphabet paying every year billions of dollars in the coffers of smartphone manufacturers, operators and browser developers (e.g. Apple with Safari) in order to maintain dominance.

The Google post also focuses attention on the initiatives put in place in support of competitors and emphasizes the behavior of other companies, Microsoft in particular, in particular on the decision to integrate the Edge browser into the Windows 10 operating system by setting Bing as the default search engine.

Source: US Department of Justice

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