Ducati Streetfighter V4 S from November with Euro 5 engine

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S from November with Euro 5 engine
Ducati's 2021 will see the arrival of the new Streetfighter V4 S, proposed in the new Dark Stealth colorway that will join the Ducati Red we all know. An engine update is also planned, to comply with the Euro 5 anti-pollution legislation.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Streetfighter is the naked version of the Panigale V4: fairings removed, higher handlebars and wide, a weight of 178kg and the 1100cc Desmosedici Stradale engine and 208hp. A sort of rubberized missile, kept at bay by aerodynamic fins and highly refined electronics. Despite the new Euro 5 limitations, the Streetfighter's performance remains unchanged, in fact the Desmosedici engine will be able to deliver 208 hp, equal to 153 kW, at 13,000 rpm - only 500 rpm more than the Euro 4 version - with a torque of 123 Nm at 9,500 rpm, about 2000 less than the Euro 4 version. These results were obtained thanks to the renewal of the exhaust system and a new calibration.

The exhaust, modified ad hoc to comply with the Euro standard 5, has catalysts increased by 10mm in length inserted in the silencer and a new technology of impregnation of noble metals, a fundamental step to reduce the emission of polluting gases. The catalyst has been optimized so that it is activated in all its functions in the shortest possible time. The whole is then completed by reduced manifolds from 42 to 38mm in diameter, and by the insertion of 4 lamba probes - one for each cylinder - which allow you to meticulously adjust the amount of fuel introduced into the cylinder.

New components also for the brake and clutch systems, with new self-bleeding pumps for the front brake and clutch, derived from the Superleggera V4. The self-venting pumps, as the name implies, are designed to independently dispose of any air that might enter the system, so as to always have maximum performance by reducing routine maintenance.

The entire range of Ducati Streetfighter V4 2021 will be available in Ducati dealerships starting from November 2020, and to have the Dark Stealth color scheme it will be necessary to order the "S" version.

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