Dragon Ball Super: is Vegeta better than Goku? The first changes, the second is wrong

Dragon Ball Super: is Vegeta better than Goku? The first changes, the second is wrong
With this quick article we finally ask ourselves a question that perhaps some Dragon Ball Super readers will have already thought: is Vegeta better than Goku? The answer is much less intuitive than it might seem; let's find out why.

The article obviously assumes that you have read the last chapters (but also the first ones) of the Moro story arc of Dragon Ball Super. You can easily retrieve them on Manga Plus, however, and also legally. In fact, every day 20 of the month, a new chapter of the manga is published on this site, even if only in English or Spanish.

But why would Vegeta be better than Goku? Soon said: the first changes. Vegeta has shown that he can train to learn new techniques, even very far from his own fighting style. Anything and everything, even getting back into the game, just to be able to stop the devourer of planets. The Saiyan has also shown that he has undergone a moral evolution: he has regretted his past as an evil Saiyan, and has also declared it openly about Namek.

On the other side, instead , the second is wrong. Let's talk about Goku, of course, who seems to have learned practically nothing from his past. Remember when it was he who warned Gohan not to provoke Cell further, to prevent the latter from causing further damage to the Earth? He was not listened to: and now Goku has given a senzu to Moro, to face him on equal terms. With the consequence that Moro now risks blowing up planet Earth and the entire Universe 7. Because not all bad guys can repent, of course: Moro is not one of these, at least.

And what do you think? Is Vegeta Better Than Goku Now? Or is the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super, despite his mistakes, still the protagonist?


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