Dragon Ball Super, Android C17: a moving detail is reminiscent of the Z Series and C16

Dragon Ball Super, Android C17: a moving detail is reminiscent of the Z Series and C16
Dragon Ball Super is a manga and anime series that has divided fans between admirers and detractors. But here is a detail that immediately deepens his story: it concerns Android C17, and a very moving detail that perhaps no one had thought of.

This detail was noticed by the Reddit user Triskingdom, and in fact has obtained almost 2000 upvotes and various awards in a very short time. The user has noticed the moving detail of Android C17, which we mentioned: the latter would remember the Z Series (ie Dragon Ball Z) and the missing brother of C17 and C18, ie the Android C16.

As you will remember, during the Cell Saga Android C16 sacrificed himself in an attempt to stop the powerful enemy; he didn't succeed, but at least Gohan got angry by transforming into a Second Level Super Saiyan. C16 loved nature and animals: it would be precisely for this reason that Android C17, in Dragon Ball Super, has turned into an environmentalist. We have seen him, in fact, intent on defending the flora and fauna of a small island, as a local ranger.

That's not all: the new work of Android C17 can be a form of respect towards Android C16, but there is another detail. The new role of C17, in fact, would explicitly refer to his last appearance in Dragon Ball Z, when the Android gave his contribution to the creation of the Genkidama Sphere (Spherical Energy) to defeat Majin Buu. The image below will refresh your memory.

Did you remember this detail? What do you think of these considerations, no doubt interesting? Meanwhile, chapter 64 of Dragon Ball Super is available for reading online, free and legally.

Android 17 is an environmentalist out of respect to his brother 16 from r / dbz


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