Windows XP could have looked like Mac OS

Windows XP could have looked like Mac OS
Windows XP could have become very similar to MacOS when at the beginning of the century it began its ride (which with hindsight is easy to define as triumphant in light of the numbers achieved by the operating system). In fact, The Verge discovered that at some point a graphic theme was produced very similar to the one that Apple offered to its customers.

When XP was inspired by MacOS

Those were the years in a Apple was putting a lot of pressure on Windows to bring more users to the Mac world, but all of this with very weak results. The pressure was therefore continuous towards that Microsoft attitude to copy the best ideas of others, which in reality no one lacked, but that the dominant group also carried out with a certain precision in order not to allow others to find momentum forward. that could have instilled doubts in users.

The Aqua theme of Windows XP, never released (photo: The Verge)

The theme would have been an alternative (or perhaps additional) to the typical “green one and blue "which made history and would have brought the interface very close to that of" Aqua "originally from Cupertino. Microsoft would probably have wanted to propose it as an optional solution, or it was carrying out a simple exercise in style: the thing is not clear, but The Verge has assured that it will seek more information on this. The theme would even be incomplete, as if it were a real draft left halfway through its path and interrupted before reaching a real definition. The fact is that the theme was never actually disclosed. The rest (from the success of XP to the evolution of MacOS into OS X) is history.

Source: The Verge

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