Clouds, preview review of the film about Zach Sobiech

Clouds, preview review of the film about Zach Sobiech
On October 16, a new original Disney movie titled Clouds will arrive on Disney +. We had the pleasure of previewing it and reviewed it for you, obviously without spoilers. Nuvole is a film directed by Justin Baldoni and scripted by Kara Holden about a story by Casey La Scala, Patrick Kopka and Kara Holden. The film is loosely based on the memoir Fly a Little Highe r written by Zach's mother, Laura Sobiech, also based on an incredible true story about her son.

Clouds: The Incredible Zach Sobiech True Story

The story tells the incredible true story of Zach Sobiech, played by Fin Argus, a seventeen-year-old student who loves to have fun like all his peers and has a natural musical talent. The film offers a fascinating and inspiring look at the duality of life and a direct testimony of what can happen when you start living as if each day could be your last.

Zach, in fact, has to live with a osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer that, after a brief respite, at the very beginning of his final school year, when he feels ready to face the whole world, receives the news that the disease has spread and is in a terminal state. At this point he and his best friend Sammy (Sabrina Carpenter) decide to spend the limited time he has left chasing their dreams.

With the help of his mentor and teacher, Mr. Weaver (Lil Rel Howery), Sammy and Zach got the chance of a lifetime to make a record with one of the most important American majors. With the support of the love of his life Amy (Madison Iserman) and his family, especially his parents Rob and Laura (Tom Everett Scott and Neve Campbell), Zach will embark on an unforgettable journey founded on friendship, love and the power of music that goes beyond even the pain of illness.

The plot is as far as you can imagine from a Disney content. A dramatic story, heavy to digest and damn sad and mature, but linear and quite smooth. The topics covered are strong and crude, with really unexpected twists. Undoubtedly, Disney's willingness to wink at a more adult audience with different content than usual is observed.

Real and natural characters

The characters are well characterized and are part all of the supporting actors. The secondary characters are few and almost non-existent since the purpose of Nuvole is precisely to show Zach together with his family and all those who have allowed him to fulfill his greatest desire: to compose a record. Clouds, whose original title is Clouds, is in fact the name of the symbolic song by Zach Sobiech which in 2012 went viral on YouTube, surpassing three million views, and which allowed the album Fix Me Up to climb the charts in the United States , United Kingdom and Canada.

The film does not want to be a way to glorify the protagonist, nor a melodramatic and tearful work to forcefully make the viewer feel tenderness and compassion. Nuvole is a real film, a sort of documentary on the adolescent life of a boy like so many others, full of dreams and desires, strengths and weaknesses, but who has to fight daily with the problems that the serious and rare disease causes him.

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One day, therefore, we see him attending a school party singing a funny and irreverent song, the next day he is destroyed by chemotherapy, the next day he wants to meet the girl he likes at all costs and the next day he is again destroyed by the disease.

A succession of emotions that the viewer experiences in symbiosis with the various characters. There is no shortage of stylistic features from classic Disney films, but this time they make sense and are inserted with great wit and intelligence. For example, the songs are elements present in almost all the original Disney products, but in this case they are not a side dish, but rather represent the soul and vitality of the protagonist. Music, in fact, takes on the role of a catalyst for pain for Zach: thanks to it he can be happy, he can move away from his progressive physical destruction and he has the possibility to tell the whole world about his pain even when it takes over.

Great acting and directorial interpretation

To praise the interpretation of the actors and the choices of the costume and set designers in making the work as faithful as possible to reality. At the end of Nuvole, in fact, there are some small frames of personal videos of the Sobiech family and it is possible to see how the adaptation work carried out by the production was excellent. Fin Argus, for example, so far only observed in Summer '03 and in Virtual High, was truly an interesting discovery: from acting to expressiveness, there is not a single moment in which the viewer is not captured by his acting skills. .

Another peculiarity, which certainly deserves a special mention, is given by the dialogues. Generally speaking in this genre of products the speeches focus on a constant questioning and response between the various characters. He hardly ever places a great deal of interest on them, trying to make them only a means to better explain the story and make the film as didactic as possible. In Nuvole this does not happen, on the contrary the dialogues are often interrupted by another interlocutor as it happens in any real chat. This naturalness, also reinforced by scenes of everyday life and by never exaggerated facial expressions, makes it all the more fascinating.

From a technical point of view, Nuvole is not a film that stands out for its virtuosity or sophisticated photographs. It is a strong and impactful film in its simplicity and linearity. There are many close-ups of his characters also because the dialogues and moments of weakness or joy are frequent. There are few open-field shots and those present have been wisely inserted with incredible visual power. In particular, mention should be made of an overhead shot where Zach can be seen lying on a football field exactly in the middle of the 10-yard line. The shot, in a few seconds, shows all the pain and desire for freedom of a teenager now resigned to his future.

In conclusion…

In a nutshell, Nuvole is a simple product , but of great communicative and realization value. The topics covered are mature and at times unexpected for being a Disney product, but they are well blended in a work that simply wants to tell the viewer of any age two morals: the first that dreams are not always impossible to achieve and the second that we must fight for them before it's too late. To do this, he does not idolize the protagonist or reduce him to a mere melodramatic symbol, but rather shows him in all its naturalness and with an emphasis on visual and narrative realism. We would therefore like to recommend Nuvole absolutely and we invite everyone to watch it until the end of the credits so as not to miss a great ending with an incredibly emotional effect.

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