Black Friday early: here's how, here's why

Black Friday early: here's how, here's why
If the general logic must be to expand spaces and times to avoid those conditions that can clash with the needs of the fight against the pandemic, then here are the reasons that led Amazon to announce a Black Friday extended, anticipated and spread on more weeks: the first tastings start now and will continue until November 19, allowing many to carry on with Christmas gifts and then avoid the rush to the package when the outputs are more complex and the logistics may have problems managing excessive loads. br>

Black Friday is early

From October 26 to November 19, for what is described as an "early Black Friday". And the features are all there: a multitude of offers collected in a single large catalog, filled with flash offers for some extra occasions and full of opportunities that will try to unhinge the usual last-minute packages.

Il 2020 requires radical choices and everything that is traditional cannot go along with a shopping that has a duty instead of responding to a different context. The "early Black Friday" thus becomes an opportunity for those who will be able to seize the opportunity, anticipating the year-end needs by at least a month.

The mechanism is the same as always: repeated offers, putting together the best of opportunities to whet the impulses of Christmas shopping on each product category. Unlike Prime Day, anyone can access the offers (Prime subscribers, however, have the advantage of accessing some special offers in advance and also have free and immediate shipping on many products).

In the coming weeks we will report the best daily opportunities of this initiative, with which Amazon hopes to lighten the workloads on the difficult period of the end of November, when the forecasts relating to the pandemic see Italy at the climax of the " second wave ”and when everything will be more complex both in warehouses and in transport. In short, to guarantee the packages under the tree, this year we need to think about it properly first: "in advance", in fact.

The page with all the offers is here.

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