Best Xbox One Accessories | October 2020

Best Xbox One Accessories | October 2020
We know, we know: the next gen is approaching and the highly anticipated Xbox Series X | S and PS5 are just around the corner, but it is undeniable that the current generation consoles have even more than a few hits in the barrel. The main titles arriving in the coming months, such as Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin's Creed Valhalla will also land on the "old" but still very valid Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the two consoles that will remain in the homes of many gamers for many more years. Precisely for this reason, after talking to you about the best accessories for PS4, today we show you the best Xbox One accessories, with which you can get the most from the Microsoft gaming platform.

Sure, given the sheer number of products currently in circulation, it wasn't a simple task at all, but one thing is certain: if you're looking for some useful product to enhance your Xbox experience One, in this article you will find it. But now let's not talk and here are the best Xbox One accessories on the market today!

The best Xbox One accessories

Controller holder

Obviously, we couldn't not include in this long roundup of the best Xbox One accessories the controller holders, that is, those devices in able to help us keep our gaming stations in order in a very simple and also very nice to see way. As easily imaginable, numerous variants of this accessory are available and among these products we can therefore find single, double controller holders, with charger and much more. If you are an avid fan of some particular saga, you will be pleased to know that numerous controller ports are available on the market with the appearance of some of the most iconic video game characters and more, just look at the majestic Master Chief on the side. If you fell in love with these particular controller holders, you can also find our article dedicated to these Cable Guys. Controller holders are therefore without a shadow of a doubt one of the best Xbox One accessories today.

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Battery Pack

If there is one thing that has been a reason for the clash between Xbox and Sony users since the beginning, this is certainly the different management of gamepad batteries by of the two giants. If Sony has in fact always proposed batteries integrated into its joystick since the transition to wireless, Microsoft has instead preferred to leave the external and removable batteries. Two decidedly different schools of thought, on which users have clashed over and over again over time, underlining their respective strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, battery packs come to the rescue of Xbox One users that allow you to change the batteries of the Xbox One gamepad on the fly, thus avoiding having to connect it to a cable each time when discharged. Therefore, if you have an Xbox One you cannot absolutely do without this essential accessory.

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Xbox One Vertical Support

Among the best Xbox One accessories currently on the market we can also find the so-called vertical supports, ie those devices able to make us position our console in this position without too much effort. The vertical supports therefore solve many problems, both helping us to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of our gaming stations and, above all, allowing us to place our Xbox One in narrow spaces where it would never have been in its original horizontal position. To make it even more interesting is also the fact that there are numerous vertical supports with different characteristics, which allow us, for example, to fix our console to the wall or, again, to have more USB ports. Quite possibly one of the most useful and best Xbox One accessories on the market.

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Keyboard for Xbox One controllers

Tell the truth: how many times have you found yourself having to sweat seven shirts by replying to a message you just received or to redeem some very special code? How many times would you have liked to be able to do all these operations comfortably from the controller, without having to turn on your smartphone or PC for a minimum of convenience? Fortunately, to come to your rescue in all these operations and many more is a very peculiar keyboard for controller, which snaps comfortably under our Xbox One gamepad allowing us to type and enter text in an extremely comfortable way.

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Xbox One case

Maybe it's not a situation that has happened to everyone, but when you find yourself having to move your own game platform from one location to another, numerous problems always begin to arise to ensure the greatest possible security to our beloved consoles. In fact, unsuitable bags and containers obviously cannot cover this delicate task and even recovering the original packaging is not always a viable solution. Fortunately, special suitcases come to our rescue, complete with delicate compartments to store all the various Xbox One accessories. If you have to move your console, you absolutely cannot do without it: certainly one of the best Xbox One accessories you can buy today.

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