Best PS4 Bundles | October 2020

Best PS4 Bundles | October 2020
While we are one step away from the launch of PlayStation 5, not all players will immediately aim to enter the next gen of Sony; but as happens with each release of a new console, many will finally decide to buy a PlayStation 4 to enjoy at reduced prices what the previous generation still has to offer. We are talking about a console that has been able to find its success very quickly, this also thanks to a large library of titles from diversified genres and obviously to the numerous Sony exclusives that have helped to raise the appeal of the console. Unlike what one might think then, this is a great time to buy a PlayStation 4, and thanks to the still numerous bundles on the market every type of player will find the right reason to take home a console plus different games, in short, the choice. is still a lot.

Let's see together in this buying guide, which are the best bundles dedicated to PlayStation 4 that you can buy directly on Amazon at the moment.

The best bundles PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB plus 3 Sony exclusives

The first bundle packs the larger version of PlayStation 4 Slim, that is the one with 1 Tera of storage space. If you are a gamer who wants to have many games installed on your system at the same time, this is the choice that you absolutely must not miss. Furthermore, with this bundle, you do not need to buy the games separately, since you will have in the package 3 Sony exclusives that have contributed to making the generation that is about to end unforgettable, namely: Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 End of a Thief and The Last of Us Remastered; all must-see games.

»Click here to buy Playstation 4 Slim 1TB + Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and The Last of Us

PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB with double Dualshock 4 and FIFA 21

If you prefer a completely different videogame genre to the bundle dedicated to Sony exclusives, your choice can only fall on this PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB including a second controller and FIFA 21. The latest iteration of EA Sports' football game has already been included in a bundle dedicated to PS4, and if you want to take the opportunity to take home a brand new console with two controllers and the latest FIFA on the market, this is the perfect time to decide to play like a champion.

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The cheapest PlayStation 4 bundle

There is also a choice for those who don't want to spend too much and are satisfied with having a PlayStation 4 in their bedroom / living room without big pretensions. With this bundle you can do it at the lowest price currently available on Amazon Italy. This Sony proposal will make you find in the box a PlayStation 4 Slim console with 500 GB of storage space at a price that is currently also discounted. Hurry up then, it's the perfect opportunity to enter the current generation.

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PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB plus Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

In this final bundle a 500 GB PlayStation 4 Slim is proposed again but the game that accompanies the console is different. If you don't care about Sony exclusive productions, or even football games, Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled could be the perfect game to go with your purchase. A colorful and fun arcade racing title not only to play alone, but above all also in company in a party game style.

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