Amazon and FFP2 / KN95 masks: something is not right

Amazon and FFP2 / KN95 masks: something is not right
A little more than 24 hours after the conclusion of Prime Day, today Amazon published the ranking of the most purchased items in Italy during its 48-hour discount marathon: in third place there are the masks, in particular a 10-pack of the type FFP2 / KN95 today proposed for only 16.99 euros. A very affordable price when compared to that charged by pharmacies for the same product. Looking at the reviews left by users, however, some doubts arise: do they really have certification?

FFP2 / KN95 masks and negative reviews

When asked “Hello, I just placed my order I need an invoice and certification, thank you ”the reply is“ The masks are not certified ”. A customer opinion published at the end of September opens with the title “Different from those sent previously” and continues with:

I bought the Jiandi in September and they immediately seemed very good. I paid for them about 1.6 per piece. They had the CE lettering on one side with FFP2 and KN95 certification. I saw that the price went down and I ordered two more packs, but obviously those received are not certified. They do not have the brand written on the mask and even less the words FFP2. On the other hand, the seller, in addition to lowering the price, has changed the images so you cannot complain because they comply with what is indicated. They still look decent and definitely protect more than a surgical mask.

A very similar speech for others indexed in the Amazon catalog with the words FFP2 / KN95 and offered in a pack of 25 pieces for 6.88 euros (less than 30 cents for each mask, less than surgical ones) . In this case, the most recent feedbacks attribute a rating of 1/5 to the article citing a discrepancy between what was described in the advertisement and what was received following the order.

FFP2 surgical mask

Non we are claiming that the products in question are counterfeit or not certified: negative reviews, however, can only be an alarm bell. We also have the possibility to report a direct experience, precisely with the Jiandi mentioned above: the package received, purchased during Prime Day, explicitly reports on the package the CE EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 certification that the same ministry considers adequate for FFP2. In short: according to our purchasing experience, the mask has exactly the promised certification and is perfectly compliant with the sales indications.

Always check the certification

We are sure that Amazon, already engaged in recent months on this front in a proactive way to get rid of misleading offers and to counter any speculation, it will take charge of the reports, intervening where necessary to ensure full transparency and correctness of the sale, first of all to protect the customers to whom in any case it is advisable to pay attention before proceeding with the order.

Before purchasing, in short, it is advisable to analyze specifically what type of product certification is and which type of protection offer. The price is important (you will face long months of masks), but the goodness of the product itself is clearly more important. To understand the type of protection it is recommended above all to analyze the images of the products, where the certification must be made explicit as well as the "CE" mark.

If the indication is not clear, all that remains is to contact the seller or analyze the reviews available. Keep your eyes open, therefore: protecting yourself and others (with FFP2 or traditional surgery) is also and above all a matter of attention. Both in behaviors and in the tools adopted. On Amazon the masks are available here.

Source: Amazon
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