Will PS5 have the multiple quick resume like Xbox Series X?

Will PS5 have the multiple quick resume like Xbox Series X?
After several months of waiting, the countdown to welcome Sony's next-gen console is definitely shrinking. In the meantime, the Japanese giant is gradually presenting to the public some samples of its PS5 and this time it is back to reveal the console interface with an official video, from which a detail seems to emerge that has intrigued the most attentive users. The video released by Sony - shown below, so that you can view it - suggests that PS5 could also include a quick recovery mode, similar to the one already known and presented with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which has proved very efficient also on backwards compatibility games.

Specifically, we are talking about the quick resume, which allows players to suspend several games at the same time, and then quickly return to the previously interrupted game session at a later time. Previously, this feature seemed almost to be an Xbox prerogative, but apparently Sony's new console has also come forward, although with the possibility that the quick resume on the latter may be more limited than that seen on Xbox Series X.

This hypothesis emerged precisely from the observation of the PS5 user interface, since from the shutdown mode of the main menu you can read as the first option "Enter Rest Mode", that is the activation of the rest, whose description states precisely: "Load controllers, download updates and pause your games, do not unplug the power cord while the console is in Rest Mode". Therefore, we specify "your games" in the plural and this suggests that the PS5 could also allow users to suspend their titles and start them from where they left off, just like Xbox Series X.

Furthermore, from the proposed video, there is no recommendation to the user to close the previous application when another one opens, which could confirm this hypothesis. However, it should be noted that this feature is linked to sleep mode, within which it is recommended not to turn off the power, which is probably the limit that PS5 has compared to Xbox Series X, whose games remain in memory regardless of the power supply. . Less than a month to go and soon we will be able to shed light on the features of the new generation consoles still shrouded in shadow.

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