550 million readers per month for Microsoft News

550 million readers per month for Microsoft News
By announcing new initiatives with the aim of supporting the publishing world, today Microsoft is putting pen to paper what are some of the results achieved by News: 550 million active readers on a monthly basis distributed over a total of 180 countries in the world. and with support for 31 languages ​​through services such as MSN, Bing News, the Edge browser, the Launcher for mobile devices, applications for Windows, Android and iOS.

Microsoft News: numbers and perspectives

Again, the Redmond group underlines that News is currently the most popular news service in the world on desktop platforms (source Comscore). A platform that collects over 170,000 contents defined as "unique and of professional quality" on a daily basis, covering dozens of topics and categories, from national to local news, from sports to weather, from finance to health, without forgetting science, technology and so on. The projects implemented so far have made it possible to allocate a total of one billion dollars to the editorial offices from 2014 to today.

As mentioned at the beginning, today's intervention from Microsoft aims not only to emphasize the results achieved so far, but to announce the next steps. A commitment that will be structured on three basic principles: support to local editorial offices (providing them with technologies and funds), integrity (leveraging automatisms to fight, for example, deepfake or disinformation) and security (guaranteeing protection from attacks or threats of a cyber nature or legal). The pilot projects put in place will initially affect the American continent. This concludes the post signed by Mary Snapp, Vice President of the Strategic Initiatives team.

Healthy democracies need healthy journalism and we hope our initiative can play a role in helping support quality journalism. locally and nationally, as well as in promoting trust in the media.

Source: Microsoft
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