One billion to publishers for Google News Showcase

One billion to publishers for Google News Showcase
It is Sundar Pichai, number one of bigG and of the parent company Alphabet, to announce today the new investment of the group in the field of publishing: a billion dollars made available to those who will create quality content for a new product, Google News Showcase.

Google News Showcase immediately in Germany and Brazil

The declared objective is twofold. On the one hand, to economically support the activity of professionals and on the other hand to bring up-to-date, reliable news published by authoritative editors to the users / readers devices. In concrete terms, it will appear in the form of "story panels" within Google News, at first only on Android and later on iOS. It will then be integrated into Discover and the search engine as well.

These panels provide participating publishers with the ability to package stories so that they appear in Google's news products, providing a deeper narrative opportunity and giving access to a wider context through features such as timelines, excerpts and related articles. Other components such as video, audio and daily summaries will come later.

The debut takes place today in Germany and Brazil, but the rollout will soon affect other countries starting with Argentina, Canada, United Kingdom , Australia, India, Belgium and Holland thanks to the nearly 200 publishers involved by bigG in the project. Among these important names of the caliber of Der Spiegel, Stern, Die Zeit, Folha de S.Paulo, Band and Infobae together with regional and local realities such as El Litoral, GZH, WAZ and SooToday.

The initiative announced today goes to support those already implemented by the Mountain View group to support those working in the journalism and information sector: from the Google News Initiative for which 300 million have already been allocated of dollars to the funds allocated in the last period to the emergency support of small and medium publishing without forgetting the Digital Growth Program for the training of professionals.

Source: Google
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