51 gigs at 11 euros: mobile tariffs in Italy are increasingly cheaper

51 gigs at 11 euros: mobile tariffs in Italy are increasingly cheaper

The study on the offers of mobile phone companies shows that compared to 2019 the gigabytes included in the rates grow and the cost of packages decreases

(Photo: Pixabay) With the measures to strengthen smartworking and teaching at a distance to deal with the Covid-19 emergency, the need for connectivity has also grown, especially with regard to mobile telephony. The data from the observatory updated in October 2020 on the rates proposed by mobile operators active in Italy and created by the SosTariffe comparison portal also go in this direction.

In general, with the lockdown measures and the increase in use of the internet, compared to 2019, the plans of the various operators recorded a significant increase in the number of gigabytes of navigation included in the offer in 2020. The analysis shows an overall increase of 34.1%, both for traditional and virtual operators, with an average of 51.58 giga included per month.

Mobile phone rates 2020 - (Photo : Sostariffe) The all-inclusive offers, which also include call minutes and text messages in addition to data traffic, then reported an overall increase of 4.6% also in the minutes of conversation included by the operators and a general decrease in prices, passing from one average of 11.68 euros for monthly subscriptions in 2019 to around 10.88 euros in 2020, both on traditional and virtual operators.

But the trend is not uniform. In the case of traditional companies, the rates for monthly subscriptions have instead increased by about 8.9%, going from about 13.71 euros on average in 2019 to 14.93 euros in 2020, with an increase of even 44.8% in giga included, which rose from an average of 46.96 giga to around 68 giga in 2020. The SMS present in the offers of companies such as Vodafone, Tim, WindTre and Iliad have also increased, which have grown by 2% compared to 2019.

And with the need to deal with possible new measures of containment, albeit less drastic, as reported in the new decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers issued by President Giuseppe Conte, it is to be assumed that the competition on the jigs to be included in the packages will lead the various operators to review their rates also in the coming months , always with an eye also to the development of 5G networks and connectivity systems, which will certainly be the next front on which mobile companies will battle.

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