10 beautiful gadgets for a true Xbox fan

10 beautiful gadgets for a true Xbox fan
Let's face it: before the year 2000 almost no one would have expected the birth of the Xbox, or a video game console produced by Microsoft, with its exclusives, its own focus and the ambition to oust Sony's PlayStation from the podium. After all, if you say "Microsoft" you immediately think of the PC, and the thought of a videogame console was, for many, a thought comparable to blasphemy. That "profane" dream, however, has become a reality and with the release of the first Xbox, the green "X" still managed to be loved by many players. And now, instead, we are all looking forward to the release of the next generation Xbox Series X / S consoles, with their incredible features on November 10, 2020.

Players who, we know, are always looking for new ways to remind Microsoft of their love and their passion and to whom, without too many frills, we want to dedicate our new article dedicated to console collectors . Those die-hard fans that we had already celebrated for what concerns the PlayStation brand and who, of course, we wanted to celebrate also for what concerns Xbox, thanks to our list containing a few themed gadgets, perfect to show the world yours unwavering devotion to the Xbox brand! Hand to the wallet, these are "10 beautiful gadgets for a true Xbox fan"! Are you ready to spend? It begins!

Best Xbox Gadgets

Xbox logo lamp Banjo-Kazooie's controller holder Master Chief's Nerf Blaster Xbox Thermosensitive Mug Monopoly Halo Gears 5 vinyl The Xbox luminous notebook The travel bottle Sea of ​​Thieves Coasters Cuphead Poker Chips

Xbox Logo Lamp

Be it a gamer's room or a prime location next to your sofa or in your home cinema corner, this beautiful Paladone lamp is simple yet elegant , and in its sobriety it is an elegant piece of furniture for any occasion. Showy but compact in its not excessive dimensions of 21 x 7 x 21 cm, the Xbox logo lamp is equipped with a double type of power supply (USB cable or two AA batteries not included) which allows considerable freedom in positioning the product. Sure, its light won't completely illuminate a room, but certainly a true Xbox fan can't miss this gamer gadget!

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The Controller Port of Banjo-Kazooie

We all agree: since controllers no longer have cables we are happy to have the freedom to be able to move or pass people in front of the television without incurring major disasters. However, we must admit that this freedom also has a downside, especially when carelessly you leave the controller around the house without remembering where it is placed. A solution? Surely a nice controller holder can do for you, being as comfortable as it is aesthetically satisfying. A joy that is also amplified if the article in question depicts the dynamic duo of Banjo-Kazooie, a franchise born on Nintendo consoles, but undoubtedly made popular by Xbox, console where the famous bear and his breegull have conquered fans with the their latest titles. In addition to the support, a 2-in-1 cable (micro USB and USB C) is included, which also allows the device to be charged. Thanks to its bright colors it will be impossible for you to forget to use it, and also representing both characters of the game it is a beautiful collector's item!

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Minecraft themed Xbox controller

A beautiful gadget that every Xbox owner should own is the advanced controller made by PowerA , with a design inspired by the Minecraft grass block. This official controller boasts two mappable game buttons, a double rumble engine that allows vibrations and also a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, all which obviously adds to the classic basic functions such as precision stick, D-pad and standard key / trigger pattern. Thanks to its lower cost compared to the wireless versions, this wired controller has no batteries and recharges to manage, but the latency of input of the commands is incredibly reduced, complete with an instant plug and play connection.

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Xbox Thermosensitive Mug

Breakfast is the most important time of the day, right? Quite right! Then no doubt that a true Microsoft fan can be happy to start the day with the sprint that only this beautiful Xbox cup can guarantee. The outside of the cup is enriched with a cartoon-style thermo-sensitive print depicting the controller, with symbols and logos, while the classic Xbox green color prevails inside. Like a good thermosensitive cup it is, it will change its appearance according to the liquid that is placed inside it: a hot drink is enough to see it transform and completely change color. A licensed gadget that certainly cannot be missing from the collection of a true brand of Xbox!

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Monopoly Halo

Certainly go from a frenetic, dynamic and colorful gameplay like that of Halo to the" calm "of a board game might seem like a gamble, but it is thanks to the originality that this version of Monopoly has earned a place on our list. As usual, the game is designed for 2-6 players with the particularity that one of them will find themselves in locations such as the Earth or Arcadia. You don't need to know the whole background of Halo to play it, but surely fans will greatly appreciate a game since it is undoubtedly satisfying to be able to choose between the 6 game pieces the Master Chief's helmet, an energy blade or one of the vehicles of the saga . If you are not too attached to Parco della Vittoria and reading cards in English does not scare you, then this is the board game that cannot be missing from your collection!

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Vinyl Soundtrack Gears 5

This is one item any Gears of War fan should own! We are talking about the two vinyls of the Gears 5 soundtrack, contained in a case embellished with a representative and original artwork by the Englishman Luke Preece. The soundtrack is composed by Ramin Djawadi, a name who, if you are familiar with it, has also dealt with the music for Game of Thrones and the Iron Man movie. In the 18 tracks contained in the collection we find a varied mix of musical genres, oscillating from the lightness of orchestral sounds to the strength of more electronic pieces. In short, a beautiful soundtrack to hear, but also to keep exposed.

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Xbox Luminous Notebook

Are you looking for a notebook to keep your thoughts in? Do you want to take notes in style, while causing envy in your interlocutors? Are you a fan of the Xbox brand and want to shout it out to the world? Then this is the article for you! It is basically a 200-page notebook, on the cover of which there is a beautiful representative image of the Xbox world, with some logos inspired by some of the most famous Microsoft franchises: Halo, Gears, Ori, the Force machines and even Minecraft, with in the center the classic Xbox logo. A logo that, moreover, lights up thanks to the presence of an LED light that can be activated by pressing the lower right corner of the cover! An article with a certain charisma… and a great style!

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Xbox Take Away Bottle

Reducing the production of plastic and pollution is an important business. A topic that has been discussed for some time and that, in our small way, we can endorse by striving to consume as little plastic as possible. Away with plastic bottles, it is always worth opting for a water bottle or a thermos, especially if you are often on the go and don't want to miss the opportunity to hydrate properly. The solution for a Microsoft fan? A nice Xbox branded travel bottle is the perfect gadget to intelligently combat the use of plastic and show everyone our love for the big X. Consisting of a stainless steel part, this glass is lined with a silicone cover black embossed with the shape of the very first Xbox console, and finished with some details in green. An unmissable gadget for all fans of the Microsoft console!

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Sea of ​​Thieves Coasters

Yo-oh, yo-oh! Come on buccaneers, hoist the sails and set course for this wonderful gadget that will give your home that touch of a true pirate den. We are talking about Sea Of Thieves coasters, for all lovers of the pirate world and not! Reproducing the cover of the video game released in 2018 in various colors, this set of 4 coasters is perfectly in line with the style to which Sea of ​​Thieves has accustomed us, and communicates to our guests that they are facing a real pirate, at least from the world of video games!

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Cuphead Chips

A gadget of the famous run 'n gun Cuphead could not be missing, which has so much made us wait for his release, how many cries of pain we have uttered for his difficulty. Game fan looking for a nice gadget to celebrate it properly? These replicas of the Diavolo casino chips are a rare and beautiful gadget that, in addition to remembering the clash with the casino bosses, have respectively the color and appearance of the two protagonists of the video game: Cuphead and Mugman. Produced by Fanattik, these chips are sold directly in pairs and are one of the very few licensed products produced for the beautiful MDHR studios game. Classy gems, they are colored with enamel and engraved on the back with the famous catch phrase from the game "Don’t Deal with the Devil". Beautiful!

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