Perfect Dark on Xbox Series X: is this the new secret game?

Perfect Dark on Xbox Series X: is this the new secret game?
Among Microsoft's many new studios, there is one in particular that is still totally shrouded in mystery just like its first production. Let's talk about The Initiative, a studio founded by Microsoft itself in 2018 and that since the early days boasts the presence of some former developers of Naughty Dog, Crystal Dynmics, Rockstar Games and other triple A studios. It seems that after several years, it has now emerged that the project in progress at The Initiative coming out on Xbox Series X will be a new Perfect Dark.

The well-known Jeff Grubb drops the clue again, who has made it clear with a post on his Twitter profile that the game in development at The Initiative team will be a new Perfect Dark. Not a sequel apparently, but a new game set within the same universe as the IP conceived by Rare. In this regard, we can also expect a change of genre and it is not necessarily a first person shooter.

"confirm" is a loaded term. I said it. As @ Rand_al_Thor_19 points out, it might not be exactly Perfect Dark, but it's playing in that universe.

- grubbsnax is back (@JeffGrubb) August 26, 2020

According to the latest statements by Grubb then, it seems that the saga that began on Nintendo 64, and then landed on Xbox 360 with Perfect Dark Zero, is about to be reborn in a new form on Xbox Series X. There is still a lot to understand about The Initiative's first project and we don't have to wait for official confirmation from one of the new teams that are part of Xbox Game Studios.
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