Zoom video calls on Facebook Portal

Zoom video calls on Facebook Portal
Available for just over a year also in Italy, the smart displays of the Facebook Portal line are now enriched with a tool that winks at the world of professionals: Zoom. In fact, it is possible to use them to participate in remote meetings with colleagues in the same way as it is already done with computers, smartphones, tablets and other dedicated devices.

Zoom on smart displays Facebook Portal

The models compatible with the functionality are Portal Mini, Portal and Portal +, all of which can be purchased in our country. During meetings it is possible to display up to a maximum of 25 people simultaneously on the screen using tools such as the management of the integrated camera by artificial intelligence and a high quality audio compartment (microphone and speaker).

On the software side, the devices integrate the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant for the interpretation and execution of voice commands. Below is a gallery of images showing the design.

On the occasion, the group of Mark Zuckerberg also announced the debut of new features linked to augmented reality and an app for multimedia entertainment on its own smart display: this is Netflix, the current leader in the streaming area. Returning instead to the workplace, other services for video calls and meetings compatible with the devices of the Facebook Portal line in addition to Zoom are BlueJeans, GoToMeeting and Webex.

Source: Facebook

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