States do not collect data indiscriminately

States do not collect data indiscriminately
The European Court of Justice has placed a limit on the Member States 'ability to collect data on their citizens' electronic communications. In particular, London, Paris and Brussels were rejected, pointing the finger at the relative regulations that offered ample discretion in data collection for control purposes.

Court of Justice: stop indiscriminate collections of data

The Court, in short, puts privacy back in its place, giving it back the priority that Europe recognizes. It is not intended to deprive member states of their relative sovereignty, but what is established is a necessary balance between different rights and principles. The indiscriminate collection of information, therefore, must be inhibited; on the other hand, Member States are given the opportunity to act more radically in the collection of strategic information if problems of potential danger to national security are identified.

#ECJ: Judgment in cases C-511/18 La Quadrature du Net, C-512/18 French Data Network, C-520/18 Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone and C-623/17 Privacy International

- EU Court of Justice (@ EUCourtPress) October 6, 2020

In short, States will have to demonstrate particular risk conditions, or the strict need to intervene on specific people, while indiscriminate data collection is rejected because it is contrary the necessary protection of individuals. In short, even the police and secret services must have limitations, otherwise the very concept of democracy is at risk.

Europe, which has long been a champion of privacy and a center of gravity for the protection of personal data since the approval of the GDPR, sets the point by once again supporting the concept of data protection as an inalienable right of individuals: the State is recognized instead the right to go further when there are other types of rights, other levels of security. Provided within a continuous and harmonious balance that with this sentence we are trying to restore.

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