Xbox Series X: Here is the spectacular SPOT TV

Xbox Series X: Here is the spectacular SPOT TV
As a new generation approaches, big console makers like Microsoft and Sony have to do "only one thing": let people know that new gaming machines are on the way and that they are incredible. One of the best ways to reach a large audience is to create impactful advertising. Microsoft, for Xbox Series X, did just that. Here, in these minutes, the Redmond giant has released the new and spectacular Xbox Series X spot online. As happened previously with Sony, Microsoft also wanted to do things big, they testify to the fact that the works are proceeding in the right direction.

Below we will leave you the short spot, but let's focus first on their motto “Power Your Dreams ”(feeds your dreams) but which can also easily be a pun that indicates the great power of the console. Microsoft's cornerstone, given that for months now they have continued to advertise their console as the most powerful. In short, no more chatter, enjoy the short video below.

We remind you that Xbox Series X | S will be available starting November 10, 2020 in Italy. The consoles support backwards compatibility and, according to the latest tests, improve the performance of games in an incredible way: loads via SSD are much shorter, FPS often manage to reach 60 frames, while the console is able to apply the 'HDR even in games that don't originally support it. Let's not forget the Quick Resume, too, which allows you to switch from one game to another in seconds.

Tell us, what do you think of Xbox Series X and its new advertising? Will you buy it at launch? As always, we invite you to follow our pages for all the news regarding the new Microsoft console.

You can find your Xbox Series X | S on Amazon Italia.

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