Xbox Series X, the first unboxing on video one month after its release

Xbox Series X, the first unboxing on video one month after its release
Xbox Series X is obviously ready to arrive on the market, so much so that a first absolutely unofficial but very real unboxing is already on YouTube, based on what can be seen in the video above.

The packaging of the console is opened by Willy Crow, youtuber who evidently had access to an Xbox Series X a month after its release on the market, it is not known on which basis. Considering the timing and possible related NDAs, there is a possibility that the video will be removed, so watch it while it lasts.

The elegant box of the Xbox Series X opens to immediately reveal the console lock and various accessories like the HDMI cable and the power cable. It is also possible to clearly see the new controller accompanied by batteries included in the package, as per tradition.

Xbox Series X is then enclosed within a sort of additional internal package, a prismatic box to be opened to reveal therefore the machine inside.

Note that on this inner box there is a band with the motto "Power you Dreams" which acts as a promotional slogan for the console, as we have also seen in the recent presentation trailer advertising. To tell the truth, the unboxing in question is not done with particular enthusiasm, perhaps due to a certain lack of experience in the field by the youtuber in question, in any case it is practically the first ever for Xbox Series X, a month after the official release on the market scheduled for November 10, 2020.

There will still be several news coming in this period, considering that Microsoft has already announced that the last month will be full of activities and contents.

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