Google Meet: work groups for the school

Google Meet: work groups for the school
Another novelty for Google Meet addressed to the school world, struggling with returning to the classroom in this difficult period. These are the so-called Breakout Rooms or the subdivision of students into separate work groups. It is already available to teachers who have an Enterprise for Education account.

Google Meet: a novelty for teachers and students

The operation is well explained by the following animation: who manages the class can create up to a maximum of 100 groups in which to place pupils, so that they can dedicate themselves to different tasks.

Also in recent days they made their debut in the survey and Q&A service . The news regarding separate work groups, for the moment an exclusive of Meet reserved for the school context, will soon also be made available to other users who rely on the bigG solution. Finally, remember that last week Google renamed G Suite in Workspace.

Source: Google Workspace Updates

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