Xbox Game Pass: Sony and Nintendo don't want it!

Xbox Game Pass: Sony and Nintendo don't want it!
Phil Spencer has answers to numerous questions for Kotaku, the popular online magazine. Among the many questions asked, the head of the Xbox division spoke of the Bethesda games exclusively, but also of the Xbox Game Pass, a service that could potentially also arrive on PS5 and Nintendo Switch. However Sony and Nintendo don't want it!

The Head of Xbox reiterated the excellent relationship with Nintendo and Doug Bowser, currently the head of Nintendo America, talked about Ori on Nintendo Switch and how these possibilities , at times, strengthen the agreements between the two companies. During this speech, Kotaku asked Spencer about the possible arrival of the popular Microsoft service on other platforms, the answer was at least particular.

“It is not fully sustainable at the moment, since an Xbox ecosystem would be needed to support it like Xbox live on other platforms ”The idea of ​​bringing Xbox Game Pass to other PS5 and Switches therefore existed, at least via xCloud, but Nintendo and Sony have not accepted.

As far as we are concerned, we believe that the decision taken by the two Japanese companies is absolutely normal, given that we are talking about two consoles with a closed system and which would hardly allow another large company to enter their functional apparatus. Phil Spencer himself left the floor to the others "It is up to them to tell what they think about the matter".

Therefore, we will hardly see Xbox Game Pass on other platforms, unless the competitors decide to open up to a more incisive collaboration and more devoted to the exchange of revenues with the royalties of subscriptions or games sold. A vision that right now seems quite impossible to us.

What do you think of these statements from the Xbox manager? Do you think it's right that Sony and Nintendo open up to Xbox Game Pass? Please let us know in the comments section and tell us your opinion about it!

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