Immuni in Veneto is a political bubo

Immuni in Veneto is a political bubo
The suspicion that the Immuni hitch in Veneto originated from an ill-concealed boycott is an idea that will be difficult to erase in the minds of many. But the subsequent controversies have shown how a very broad political bubo has erupted around this simple contact tracing app, demonstrating once more how much politics has surrounded this project from the beginning. The reasons are varied and seasoned with a certain amount of randomness that has made Immuni become the real center of gravity of the clashes between multiple factions, more visions, more approaches.

But what makes the The Venetian case is the fact that Immuni broke out in the hands of the "doge" Zaia, the one who better than others had ridden the first wave, saving the region from a very dangerous and sudden epidemic. Over the months, the epidemic has become a pandemic and Zaia's merits have been reduced / relativized, without however affecting the aura of a governor who has shown abundant charisma, abundant communication skills and finally an efficient leadership. All fundamental qualities in the midst of a storm, mind you, but today it is no longer blasphemous to argue that the rescue of the Veneto is not all of its own work.

We have already reported on the defense of the Region. Now it's up to the detractors, to those who argue that the affair cannot be closed so easily. And are there other "Veneto" cases around Italy? We asked some questions to the Immuni team, we await clarification.

Attack on the doge

Today Zaia's detractors are therefore stepping forward, precisely in the wake of the Immuni facts, first of all asking for explanations from the President of the Veneto Region and therefore the head of his direct issue on the field, that Dr. Francesca Russo that Zaia wanted in place of Andrea Crisanti. Crisanti and Zaia, two characters too strong and two characters too bulky to be able to collaborate side by side (as perhaps Veneto would have deserved). The friction between politicians and virologists has seen Veneto as the place of maximum friction, thus leading to choices that today inevitably lead to discussion.

According to TrevisoToday, the first pickaxe against the doge comes from the deputy PD Francesca Businarolo:

We can only judge irresponsible the choice not to activate the app in one of the regions most severely affected by the virus. Nobody, in this moment of particular fragility of the economy as of the health system - remarks the leonicena in a note issued yesterday - can afford the luxury of such an injection of mistrust towards the institutions.

Here is the 'social irony (with a lot of 3927 shares) by Natalino Balasso:

Now, since you voted for Zaia, one might even care, too bad that all the others get involved. That the Venetians fall from the clouds due to the fact that the Immuni app in Veneto has never worked is ridiculous, the region immediately said that it would make its own tracking app. Only then he didn't. Okay, it happens to talk before the election. […] This doctor Russo who stoned everything from the beginning, that if there was no San Crisanti, now in Vo 'Euganeo it was like in Bergamo, obviously she only defeats viruses in comics.

Francesca Russo assumes responsibility for the choice

The manager would finally have drawn upon herself the responsibilities of the choice not to activate Immuni: “it was my choice”, she would have said, trying to dismiss the hypotheses of any political input. But the result of these declarations is twofold: on the one hand, responsibility rapidly approaches Zaia; on the other hand, responsibility goes directly to the Region, discharging the Ministry and Immune teams of all guilt. In short: Veneto has chosen in conscience not to start the Immuni project, except now to start in the face of the evidence of a lack that makes noise.

The attack of the opposition therefore reaches the governor's desk directly: | Zaia has to finish looking for avatars, lightning rods, as happens in the case of the project unit of the Veneto Pedemontana Superstrada with engineer Elisabetta Pellegrini, every time Her Majesty's narrative gets jammed. Zaia is certainly not responsible for the intelligence quotient of its executives, but it is politically responsible for what they say.

Andrea Zanoni

The judgment (inevitably spiced with a few pebbles coming out of the shoe) by Andrea Crisanti he is vitriolic: "carelessness, inefficiency and contempt for the trust placed in science by Italians". But in short: why hasn't the Veneto activated Immuni? “Because they are incompetent and because tracking does not exist in Veneto. There are usually between ten and fifteen contacts for each infected person, this would be the ratio in the case of 100% efficient tracking. I can assure you that today we are at a tracking efficiency of 5%. And this is the reason why the virus spreads ".

And to think that according to some" it is only a flu ". And to think that according to others "it is only an app".

Source: Treviso Today

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