Watch Dogs Legion: here's where to buy it at the best price

Watch Dogs Legion: here's where to buy it at the best price
Update 24 October 2020: Watch Dogs Legion is very close to the launch, take advantage of it now!

One of the most successful sagas of this generation is certainly that of Watch Dogs, with the Ubisoft series that has managed to establish itself in the landscape videogame as a respectable free-roaming, capable despite some flaws to compete with the sacred monsters of the genre. The highly anticipated third installment of the series, Watch Dogs Legion, promises with its innovative mechanics to take everything to the next level and to further raise the quality bar of the saga. So there seem to be all the credentials for a great title that, despite having a release date set for next 29 October, it is already possible to book at a very attractive price. And if you are particularly eager to play it to the fullest, Watch Dogs Legion is already bookable on PS5!

A title of the reach of Watch Dogs Legion obviously could not fail to have numerous customized editions, thus allowing the numerous fans of the saga to choose a package with great freedom based on its different contents. By booking Watch Dogs Legion at some retailers, such as Amazon and GameStop, you can then get the Golden King Pack as a pre-order bonus, containing a golden skin for weapons and cars and the beautiful Uneasy Lies Mask.

Standard Edition

The entry level edition, i.e. the one containing the base game and little else. This is obviously the cheapest way to play Watch Dogs Legion and although it does not come with all the additional content of the other versions, it is still an edition that can really offer a lot from a playful point of view.

Limited Edition - Resistance Edition

During the launch period, Amazon offers an exclusive variant of the Standard Edition, known as the Limited Edition, containing in addition to the basic game also the package of additional digital content under the name of London Dissident Package. The same also applies to Gamestop, with the well-known store that instead offers the Resistance Edition exclusively, which also contains additional digital content in addition to the Standard Edition of Watch Dogs Legion.

Gold Edition

The Gold Edition is most likely the perfect edition for all fans of the title, as it includes in addition to Watch Dogs Legion also the Season Pass of the highly anticipated Ubisoft game. With this edition, therefore, it will be possible to ensure from the beginning any additional content released for the third chapter of the famous saga that will be released in the months following the launch of the work.

Ultimate Edition

The definitive version for all those who want to have every single content of Watch Dogs Legion: the Ultimate Edition contains the base game, the Season Pass and, in addition, the Urban Jungle package, three masks and four weeks of VIP status . Ah, to make it all the more tempting is the three days early access to the game compared to the official launch. Also in this case it is a GameStop exclusive.

Collector's Edition

A title from the reach of Watch Dogs Legion could not fail to have a dedicated Collector's Edition, with this edition which is a riot of physical and digital content for fans of the saga. 38 cm luminous replica of the DedSec Crown, a set of stickers, a poster and everything previously included in the editions seen above: if you want the best, the Collector's Edition of Watch Dogs Legion is the right choice for you. - Xbox Series X | S

CDKeys- Standard Edition PC | € 48.59 Ebay - Standard Edition PS4 | 49.99 € Ebay - Standard Edition PS5 | € 54.99 Ebay - Standard Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 59.99 Amazon - Limited Edition PS4 | € 69.99 Amazon - Limited Edition PS5 | € 69.99 Amazon - Limited Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 69.99 Mediaworld - Standard Edition PS4 | € 69.99 Mediaworld - Standard Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 69.99 Ubisoft Store - Standard Edition PS4 | € 69.99 Ubisoft Store - Standard Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 69.99 Gamestop - Resistance Edition PS4 | 70,98 € Gamestop - Resistance Edition PS5 | € 70.98 Gamestop - Resistance Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 70.98 Ubisoft Store - Gold Edition PS4 | € 99.99 Ubisoft Store - Gold Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 99.99 Amazon - Gold Edition PS4 | 100,98 € Amazon - Gold Edition PS5 | 100,98 € Amazon - Gold Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | 100,98 € Gamestop - Gold Edition PS4 | 100,98 € Gamestop - Gold Edition PS5 | 100,98 € Gamestop - Gold Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 100.98 Ubisoft Store - Ultimate Edition PS4 | € 109.99 Ubisoft Store - Ultimate Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 109.99 Gamestop - Ultimate Edition PS4 | 120,98 € Gamestop - Ultimate Edition PS5 | 120,98 € Gamestop - Ultimate Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | 120.98 € Ubisoft Store - Collector's Edition PS4 | € 189.99 Ubisoft Store - Collector's Edition Xbox One - Xbox Series X | S | € 189.99

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