Uncharted: should we wait for the film?

Uncharted: should we wait for the film?
In development for many years, the movie Uncharted is finally taking shape with the start of filming.

Announced ten years ago, the film adaptation of Nathan Drake's adventures is starting to take shape in earnest, with the start of filming and multiple postponements, without forgetting many changes on the part of the director.

And who says shooting, says first photo! Sony Pictures, which produces the film Uncharted, has thus released an image of the man who also embodies Spider-Man on the big screen in the skin of the famous adventurer of the PlayStation. The actor was also visited by Nolan North, who lends his voice to the hero of Naughty Dog. The studio behind the franchise is not participating in the development of the film, however, whose script is still a mystery.

We just know that we will be interested in the youth of Nathan, then that he enters adulthood, and that he will meet Sully, who will be played on screen by Mark Wahlberg. Antonio Banderas is also part of the role of the antagonist.

A summer release

Ruben Fleischer, director of Venom, was finally chosen for take care of this inevitably eagerly awaited adaptation.

The good news is that Sony Pictures has brought forward the film's release, now scheduled for July 8, 2021! But should we wait for it quickly? Discover our analysis in this excerpt from the Jeuxvideo.com Journal, broadcast every day of the week on LeStream.fr from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm


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