Ultrawide monitor: the only opportunity on Prime Day

Ultrawide monitor: the only opportunity on Prime Day
If there is a category in which Prime Day has said little, this is that of widescreen displays. These are screens that are increasingly sought after and appreciated for the fact that, by extending the available screen surface, they open up to greater working efficiency. The reason for this step forward is obvious: where before there is a click to change the window on the screen, then there is simply the instantaneousness of a glance. In short, switching from a reading window to a writing window is a matter of an imperceptible movement of the eyeball, without having to move the hand over the mouse and without having to search for the right window a thousand times a day.

Widescreen Monitors, there is only one real chance

There is only one real offer on Prime Day, however, in this monitor category. Attention: there are various offers and the offer is very varied, but there is only one discount that reaches a certain consistency and is worth checking out. This is the scissor cut on the price of the 34 "flat LG 34WN650 monitor, an UltraWide 21: 9 LED IPS that goes from 377.99 euros to 299.99 euros. The comparison with the past months shows how the price had never dropped to these figures and that it was instead typically settled around 350 euros.

Prime Day 2020 brought a lot of offers (here the whole catalog of active discounts), but on the daisy of widescreen monitors it was reasonable to expect a few more petals to be able to browse. However, the only real opportunity is a real opportunity and on a display of undoubted quality. In this sense, the possibility of using a sufficiently deep desk is recommended, placing the display at a distance of at least 70-80 cm from the eyes, so as to be able to fully enjoy the advantages of the Widescreen without having to impose efforts on the neck following forced rotations of the head: a well-combined distance and height will make the work much faster, more comfortable and pleasant.

The other offers

The other Widescreens on offer are something "exaggerated" (yes can you tell?). In short, these are not stations that can offer a real advantage in terms of productivity, but certainly unparalleled in terms of gaming experience. In fact, there are two 49-inch monitors, Samsung and Philips, available respectively for 679.99 euros 783.60 euros and 894.99 euros 989.99 euros. If we do not recommend them, there are two reasons: first of all because for productivity they may prove to be less comfortable than imagined; secondly, because the discount is not really such as to motivate an impulsive investment.

The advice therefore remains the initial Widescreen, or the homologous 35-inch curved model which will go on flash offer at 19.30.

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