The electric car market is growing: + 225.3% in Italy

The electric car market is growing: + 225.3% in Italy
To keep up with the times, almost all car manufacturers have made their first electric vehicle. In fact, it now seems to be a fact: the electric car market is growing and is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. According to the latest data, it would seem that in Italy there has been a boom in the purchase of zero-emission cars. In September 2020, if I compare myself to the same period last year, our country recorded an increase in sales of electric cars equal to 225.3%.

First place as a unit sold, ranks the French car manufacturer of Renault which, since January, has sold 3,440 electric cars of the Zoe model. The month of September, on the other hand, sees the Tesla Model 3 as the undisputed protagonist, with 880 registrations. Soon after, the Renaul Zoe is reconfirmed with 676 registrations and, followed by the Nissan Leaf and the Volkswagen ID.3 with a respective sale of 297 and 270 units sold. Not bad for the Peugeot 2-208, with 141 units sold, for the Mini Cooper SE, of which there are 108 registrations and 100 for the Opel Corsa E.

This exponential increase in sales of electric cars, which has been registered in the last period, is due to some factors. In addition to the numerous incentives that prompted customers to purchase a zero-emission vehicle, to encourage this type of choice, it was a greater number of electric charging stations installed in recent months and a proposal for electric models - by the Houses automotive - increasingly broad. Therefore, the times in which electric cars were little appreciated, especially for their low autonomy, seem to be long gone. The first cars that showed a first substantial change were those produced starting from the new millennium, such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV or the two French Peugeot iOn and Citro├źn C-Zero.

By now, most of the car manufacturers, in order to avoid meeting the anti-pollution laws that could negatively affect their market, are trying to look to the future with a perspective that focuses entirely on electric cars and emissions zero. Obviously, a greater production of electric models implies a progressive decrease in the price of vehicles even if, at least for the moment, there are few manufacturers that present electric cars on the market at a price lower than 30,000 euros. However, both Volkswagen and Seat and Skoda have updated their price lists with cars that cost between 23,750 and 22,300 euros. In this regard, the new Dacia Spring Electric, which will arrive on the market in 2021, is the most anticipated electric car precisely because it will have a very low price

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