The 15 most anticipated games on next-gen - article

The 15 most anticipated games on next-gen - article
Temperatures are dropping, autumn brings with it the first rains and wardrobes are filling up again with sweatshirts and sweaters. For gamers, however, this is the beginning of the hottest time of the year, with the releases of the most anticipated games. Not only that, 2020 is not a year like others, precisely because to accompany the launches of productions of the caliber of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Godfall and Cyberpunk 2077 there will also be the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony: Xbox Series X / S and PS5.

The line up of both machines, however, is not as exciting as perhaps most of us could have expected. The problems induced by the global health crisis have imposed wave after wave of postponements and this has made it inevitable that the two flagships arrive on the market supported by a battery of exclusives modest in one case, and absolutely non-existent in the other. In this exact historical moment, therefore, the eye of the console player necessarily turns to the future, and we found it useful to summarize how many and what satisfactions we can take away over the next few years. Will we resist the wait?

Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto definitely needs no introduction. When the Rockstar Games saga takes the field it attracts everyone's attention and the sixth chapter is already the protagonist of many rumors and hopes from the general public. Although there has not yet been an official presentation, we know for sure that Grand Theft Auto VI is in the works and that the official announcement will not be long in coming.

Halo infinite

After a not so brilliant presentation at the Xbox Showcase at the end of July and the consequent postponement of the release date, Halo Infinite is taking some time to polish. Despite this, the sixth chapter of the Halo saga is one of the most anticipated titles, ready to make us return to the battlefield as the Master Chief, determined to thwart the new threat known as the Banished. In addition to a substantial plot expansion, Halo Infinite will mark a profound change of direction for the series, which will abandon the episodic release to embrace a GaaS-style model that will progressively expand the boundaries of the game developed by 343 Industries. We can't wait to find out if this will be a winning formula for Xbox.

God of War Ragnarok

With a very short teaser during the Playstation Showcase held on September 16th, God of War is back in foreground and announces its return in 2021, awakening the enthusiasm of fans. Soon we will be able to return to play the role of Kratos in this second saga involving the pantheon of Norse gods, and if the clues we have received from the teaser do not prove misleading, it seems that this time Ragnarok will be the great protagonist of the new effort of SIE Santa Monica Studio.

The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls saga, which began in 1994, is ready to return with the sixth chapter. Shown with a trailer of just over 30 seconds during the Bethesda conference in 2018, to date the information is scarce. The only official statements concern a hypothetical launch after the release of Starfield, also at the moment without an official date. Since 2011 we have been fascinated by the powerful work of Skyrim, even arrived as a skill on Alexa, but 9 years have passed and the public is clamoring for the new chapter. Will Microsoft's Acquisition Bring New Information?

Elden Ring

Among the most awaited works it is impossible not to mention the production by From Software in collaboration with G. G. Martin. Elden Ring showed up only briefly during E3 last year and then fell into oblivion if not for cryptic and microscopic information. The expectations for a game of this magnitude are enormous, and the marriage between the father of Game of Thrones and the developers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne only feeds that enthusiasm.

Ratchet & Clank

The ninth title of the saga is ready to land on the new Sony flagship, making us rediscover the hilarious story of the friendship between the Lombax Ratchet and the rebel robot sentry Clank . The exclusive Playstation by Insomniac Games will be available shortly after the release of Playstation 5, giving precedence to the other home product, Spiderman: Miles Morales. Sony's platform-adventure is certainly one of the first titles that will flex its muscles in terms of loading the new console, leaving us foretaste the beginning of the next-gen era.

Demon's Souls

Remaining in the field of exclusives of the Japanese company, Playstation 5 will have a title of excellence to accompany it on the release date. Demon's Souls returns to consoles after 11 years, thanks to excellent work by Bluepoint Game and Japan Studios. On November 19th we will return to a completely revamped Boletaria, with new challenges and many improvements also in terms of gameplay.

Battlefield 6

Dice and Electronic Arts are still holding up the veil of mystery on Battlefield 6, if it really will be called. During this year's EA Play we were able to admire the work in progress around this ambitious new product but nothing tangible except some animation and graphic detail of a character. Despite a few concrete images we are sure that the new chapter will lead many players to participate in a new war.

Cyberpunk 2077

After the great success of The Witcher 3, it is inevitable that the spotlight is on CD Projekt Red and its Cyberpunk 2077. It immediately revealed itself as a massive project and full of details that all RPG lovers will appreciate, with the addition of an appreciated and loved actor like Keanu Reeves to lead us through the streets of Night City. Thanks to the in-depth analysis carried out by the development team, in recent months we have been able to grasp the greatness of the experience that awaits us, twisted and morbidly interesting. After the many postponements, we will finally be able to get our hands on one of the most anticipated titles ever.


At Bethesda, in addition to The Elder Scrolls VI, there is another product in the pipeline that has aroused the curiosity of the public. Starfield showed up with a short teaser in 2018, leaving us only to steal a vague idea of ​​the setting. The mysterious title will take us to explore space in an RPG to be discovered. What will be our journey and purpose is not yet given to us and perhaps this is what excites our imagination and curiosity.


The action-RPG series born from the hands of Lionhead Studios and now inherited by Playground Games will have a new chapter exclusively for console on Xbox and PC. The talented team behind Forza Horizon are hard at work to bring Albion back to shine and lead us on a new fantasy adventure waiting to be discovered. There is currently no release date, but the few seconds in CGI have definitely caught the attention of the players.

Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil saga also reaches its eighth chapter. The Capcom home game has shown itself on more than one occasion in the last period, recently at the Tokyo Game Show, where it was also possible to see a portion of the gameplay. This new survival horror experience will take us to a new scenario, The Village, where Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield will face new mysteries and scary creatures.

Forza Motorsport - Gran Turismo 7

Not only adventures and RPGs, among the most anticipated titles we can include the two great racing exponents on consoles. Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo showed up in their respective conferences exhibiting the power of their game engines but without an official release date. Both brands have been absent since 2017 but the conditions for seeing them return in better shape than ever are all there.

Horizon: Forbidden West

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Guerrilla Games, backed by the success of the first chapter, is ready to take us to a whole new world with Horizon Forbidden West. With the reveal that took place during the first Playstation Showcase we saw wonderful scenarios, new creatures and dangers that will challenge the huntress Aloy. As for Horizon Zero Dawn, once again we will face a third person experience in a post apocalyptic open word universe.

Final Fantasy XVI

Taking us completely by surprise, the latest Sony event opened with the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI. Square Enix shows a completely new product that will probably satisfy many of the requests of the players, creating a darker story and with fantasy elements to be discovered. Furthermore, in the latest statements, it seems that the work on the title has already started a long time ago and that the new game of the saga is not so far from the release.

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