Spaceships on TV: the most famous of the television series

Spaceships on TV: the most famous of the television series
The intergalactic journey of continues to discover some of the most beautiful spaceships in pop culture, this time giving space to those of the TV series.

Spacecraft that, since the beginnings of sci-fi TV shows , they served not only to transport the characters of the stories celebrated by the public, but also as real stages on which the most compelling plots of all time unfolded. Some of the spaceships that we will list can even be considered the protagonists of the TV series in which they sail, going so far as to give them their name (Battlestar Galactica and Firefly are an example).

Here is a small list of the spaceships that made us dream more, between the battles fought in space and those consumed between their crews on board.

Spaceships on TV

Serenity Rocinante Galactica TARDIS USS Enterprise NCC 1701


Spaceships for space outlaws

Considered the "tenth character" of the series by the creator and director Joss Whedon himself, Serenity is the spaceship on which the protagonists travel Firefly and also the main setting on which much of the action within the show takes place.

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