Soundbar | The best of October 2020

Soundbar | The best of October 2020
Sometimes you get the impression that the TV audio is not enough. If you watch a movie or play video games, the TV audio, however modern or sophisticated it may be, does not always manage to be sufficiently "gritty" and you need to find an instrument that amplifies (in all senses) the acoustic spectrum of our visual experience. The best solution in terms of quality / price ratio? In our opinion it is the purchase of a sound bar, or an amplified speaker, generally also equipped with a woofer, which manages - in a relatively small space - to offer an enveloping acoustic experience, and this net of a diffusion of the front sound. and, therefore, very different from the diffusion offered by the various multi-speaker systems.

Net of this, and of a now very extensive proposal, with products suitable for all price ranges, soundbars still struggle to impose itself on the attention of the general public, rightfully falling within that range of products for use and consumption by audiophiles. Yet, believe us, you don't necessarily need to spend a lot for a good soundbar and, for this reason, we decided to offer you this practical buying guide, including products belonging to all price ranges, from the cheapest ones from around € 80 up to to top-of-the-range models that reach higher figures, but all of them have only one purpose: to excite with their sound quality and cleanliness.

There are also more complex models, such as those equipped with subwoofer , those with other elements that can be added in order to spread the sound experience in other rooms, or others with even an integrated LED lighting system. Whatever your need, thanks to our list of the best soundbars on the market, you will find the perfect companion to reproduce your passions and get excited in the near future.

The best soundbars

The cheapest: Panasonic HTB8EG With integrated subwoofer: Creative Stage 2.1 Stylish and app controllable: Yamaha YAS-109 Best quality / price ratio: Soundcore Infini Pro The most versatile: Bomaker Odine Compact and powerful: Sonos Beam Sorround and DTS: Yamaha MusicCast BAR 400 Pure power: Bomaker Njord I From Gaming: Creative BlasterX Katana

The cheapest: Panasonic HTB8EG

If you are looking for a not too expensive solution , which can keep the sound quality as realistic and high as in the cinema, the Panasonic HTB8EG home cinema system is the solution for you. Characterized by the elegant and optimized Delta Form design, this soundbar is able to be placed under the TV without obstructing the view, and the angled shape allows you to mount the device on the wall and change the direction of the audio from 0 ° or 90 ° , maintaining perfect sound diffusion. Finally, we would like to point out that, in addition to an optical digital input, there is a bluetooth system that will allow you to hear your favorite music through the special Panasonic streaming app.

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With integrated subwoofer: Creative Stage 2.1

Looking for immersive sound that can deliver high performance? Maybe with a subwoofer that can keep the bass intense and pounding, without affecting the surrounding furniture? Creative Stage 2.1 is the perfect sound system for your needs, consisting of a small but powerful soundbar and with a subwoofer capable of bringing the peak power to 160W, this system owes its breathtaking mids and rich bass and powerful in the presence of two specially designed mid-range drivers. The presence of a remote control with which to control and customize all the audio settings is the icing on the cake of this audio system as convenient and practical as it is elegant and powerful.

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Stylish and controllable via app: Yamaha Yas-109

The Yas-109 is a soundbar with a compact and elegant design, able to bring the home cinema experience to any environment through the convenient voice control of Alexa integrated. Thanks to the DTS virtual X, the speaker spreads an excellent and enveloping 3D surround sound, while thanks to the Clear Voice system the dialogues are improved, as well as the audio quality during all circumstances. With its high performance wireless connection you can stream your favorite music as well as through your smartphone with the app, even via the optical or HDMI socket, making the Yas-109 the perfect combination of fantastic sound and style.

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Best value for money: Soundcore Infini Pro

This slim and powerful soundbar was born to deliver an audio experience optimal with the smallest footprint, at an affordable price. The Infini Pro, in fact, is the first soundbar that supports Dolby Atmos technology, capable of transporting you directly into the heart of the action thanks to the incredible theater sound released by two integrated subwoofers, mid-frequency drivers and tweeters to them. when combined with double reflex ports that create a sound of clarity, depth and surprising details. In the package you will find everything you need to use the Infini Pro soundbar right away, in fact there is a 1.5 m power cable, a remote control for managing the functions, 2 AAA batteries, the 1.5 HDM I 2.0 cable me everything you need for a possible wall mounting.

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The most versatile: Bomaker Odine

This high-power soundbar was designed to achieve bass enveloping, solid and incisive, and is able to create a quality 3D surround sound thanks to digital signal processing technology. By applying the Odine under a TV, it will be possible to embellish the environment with its 96 cm length and improve the sound experience, enjoying more distinct dialogues and richer and deep soundtracks. There are also 4 pre-programmed audio modes thanks to the high quality signal processor, and once playing the soundbar equalizer optimizes the audio depending on what you are in front of a movie or a playlist musical. The peculiarity for which this soundbar stands out is the vastness of possible connection modes including bluetooth 5.0, optical cable, aux cable and finally USB, all easily connected via the side sockets.

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Compact and powerful: Sonos Beam

Even if we are dealing with a fairly small sound system, 10cm x 65cm x 6.8cm, we must not be fooled. The Sonos Beam hides within itself four full range woofers that ensure a faithful reproduction of the intermediate vocal frequencies making the bass intense and deep while a tweete r is dedicated to emit clear and defined dialogue. As for the control of this soundbar, we have the remote control and the dedicated app to set all our sound preferences, in addition to the welcome presence of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrated.

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Sorround and DTS: Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400

If you are looking for the quality of breathtaking 3D surround sound, the MusicCast Bar 400 is the right choice for you! Composed of a bar speaker and a 100W wireless subwoofer speaker, the audio system features Clear Voice which improves the clarity of the dialogues and offers high quality 3D sound thanks to DTS Virtual: X, all in a minimalist design that combines the multi-channel audio experience with an elegant and compact aesthetic. The Multicast Bar 400 also has extensive connection options, including Bluetooth (controlled via smartphone), HDMI output and compatibility with voice control systems such as Amazon Alexa.

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Pure power: Bomaker Njord I

If you are looking for a solution that can convey immersive sound through a powerful subwoofer, the combined system of Bomaker Njord I is the one for you your! This 2.1 channel soundbar is capable of outputting a maximum power of 170W, and thanks to the channel configuration updated with the latest technologies, the connection between the bar and the wireless subwoofer is more stable and faster than ever. The bar consists of 4 powerful deep chamber speakers located in a simple but elegant body, which in just 35 inches fits perfectly under a TV, there is also a display on which you can view the various modes and the volume, to control the best sound experience.

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The best mid tones: Samsung HW-N300Z

Let's conclude our selection of soundbars with Samsung's HW-N300, a compact and well-settled soundbar, which despite its small size (64.1 x 10.7 x 6.5cm) and in just 2 kg of weight can reproduce a pleasant and sober sound. Its minimal but elegant design consists of a glossy front grille and the presence of integrated woofers gives it an elegant and suitable appearance for any space, while on the upper part we find a brushed metal panel that gives further sobriety to the soundbar. On the side there are some keys for the main functions of the soundbar despite being easily controllable via Samsung remote control or smartphone. Inside, on the other hand, we find 4 tweeters, two of which with wide dispersion and two with broadband that optimize the mid and high tones, reproducing them perfectly while playing music or chaotic scenes of movies or TV series. If you are looking for greater space and body, you cannot miss the Samsung HW-N300!

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