Reolink, special discount for video surveillance

Reolink, special discount for video surveillance
Reolink's video surveillance drops to prices never hit before. It happens a few days after Prime Day and in all likelihood the offer will not bea> able to be replicated with discounts greater than these since the Reolink range had never dropped to these figures in recent months. However, these are short-term offers: a few hours only to bring home the few units available.

Video surveillance with a 20% discount

The Reolink family offers extremely varied solutions, allowing you to combine security cameras with flexible combinations between indoor and outdoor: everyone can therefore configure everything according to their own strict needs, whether the monitoring of the premises must take place at home, in the office or in any other environment for which it is intended guarantee maximum vigilance.

The discounts available in these hours (with immediate delivery) are as follows:

kit with 4 external cameras (383.99 euros with a 20% discount) kit with 6 external cameras (479.99 euros with a 20% discount) k it with 4 external 4K cameras (485.99 euros with a 21% discount) kit with 6 external 4K cameras (654.39 euros with a 20% discount) The cameras are designed on a Plug & Play PoE connector for maximum durability and maximum security: installation is therefore simple, as long as it is properly designed for the best coverage of the rooms and the optimal location of the central HDD.

This superior quality video surveillance kit is able to show the best key details in vividness. With 18 infrared LEDs, the camera delivers clearer images and videos up to 100 feet at night. You will not miss any important information day and night

Each kit has a central hub for receiving images with 2TB disk recording. The choice of 4K models clearly allows you to benefit from images with much greater detail, something that can become essential when it is necessary to recognize faces or license plates. The discounts available lower the difference between the various versions, which can therefore allow access to a more advanced video surveillance system.

The question is: buy now or wait for Black Friday? The clear feeling is that it is not possible to have better prices than these within a few weeks, so at best the discount will be replicated. Given the limited number of units available, however, we recommend that those who need to take advantage of them now, since it will therefore not be possible to expect better prices until 2021. Once the offer has expired, an opportunity will be missed.

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