PS5: Transfer PS4 save data, instructions are on the box!

PS5: Transfer PS4 save data, instructions are on the box!
As we know, PS5 allows you to transfer PS4 save data, so as to allow players to continue their current games on the older generation. How can it be done? The answer is the box itself of the Sony console. In fact, you should know that many US journalists got their PlayStation 5 yesterday: Twitter was therefore invaded by the photographs of the packages. Most took a front photo, some of the back too, but Polygon's Samit Sakar noticed an additional detail.

On the bottom of the PS5 box, you can indeed see how to transfer PS4 save data to PS5. As you can read too, all you have to do is connect PS4 and PlayStation 5 to the same internal network, connect an external hard drive to PS5 (which contains PS4 data, of course), log in to PSN with the same account used on PS4 and then transfer “data, trophies, profile information and friends list”.

one interesting thing about the PS5 box: instructions for transferring data from a PS4 are printed right on the bottom

and just to close the loop, here's a shot of the top as well

anyway, look for more coverage ~~~ in the future ~~~ on Polygon dot com!

- Samit Sarkar (@SamitSarkar) October 23, 2020

In case you are a PS Plus subscriber, you can pass the data simply by uploading to the cloud from PS4 and then downloading from the cloud to PS5. PS4 games can also be downloaded directly from the PlayStation 5 console library or Sony's desktop site, as long as you log in with the same account.

This information has actually already been shared via the help page of the PlayStation site, but it is important that Sony includes this information directly on the box, so that everyone knows how the data transfer works PS4 to PS5. Of course, putting it at the bottom of the box doesn't make it easy to notice this information.

Sarkar concludes his tweet stating that we will be able toa> find out more about the console when its full coverage is available “in the future”. Tell us, how long are you waiting for PS5?

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