PS5: our hot impressions on aesthetics and feeling

PS5: our hot impressions on aesthetics and feeling
Unless you've spent the last twenty-four hours at the North Pole and without a connection, you should know: PlayStation 5 has finally arrived in the newsroom, ready to be discovered, put to the test and basically devoured by our hunger for next-gen. It will be a path that will go on for the next few weeks and will accompany you (us) until that expected November 19, 2020, the release date set by Sony for the Italian launch. The next few days will therefore be studded with articles, videos and live appointments dedicated to PS5, in which we will talk about our experiences with the console, with DualSense and with the first games planned for launch with in-depth analysis and discussions. Compatibly with different embargoes, we will be able to touch every aspect, from the dashboard to the noise, passing through the games and the most interesting features. But let's go in order, and after our unboxing we want to give you a warm feedback, a comment on the aesthetics and the sensations left us from the very first hours in the company of PlayStation 5. The "look and feel" of the console, as the English speakers say.

Color and size

Let's start, perhaps a little trivially, from the color of PlayStation 5, because when you take it out of the package it immediately catches the eye that it is not a white pure, as it might seem from the renderings and official materials released by Sony. The console appears slightly darker, a grayish white: the perception of color can obviously vary depending on various factors - such as the lighting of the room or the light reflecting on the walls - but the impression is that it is extremely close to a white traffic. The massive size of the console is the other thing that was immediately evident following our first unboxing. The good Pierpaolo Greco called it "mammoth", and the fact that it is one of the largest gaming consoles ever made becomes even more evident when it is placed side by side with other hardware from the past or new release such as Xbox Series X. Despite this , the sleek shape is misleading by giving the impression of a lighter console than it actually is. It is also curious how the organic shape and sinuous curves of PS5, clearly visible when looking at the console from the front, are completely lost when trying to look at it from the side, where it appears flat and square.

The many materials of PS5

For the different visible surfaces of the machine, Sony has opted for four different textures: the two large white covers are extremely smooth, pleasant to the touch, in contrast to their inner side, which is rougher thanks to a texture composed of microscopic symbols PlayStation (cross, square, circle and triangle). The black and shiny central body (and yes, extremely sensitive to scratches and fingerprints) is contrasted by the rear slits, always black but in a different opaque material. The use of four different materials could be synonymous with an inorganic and cheap product, but looking at the console, touching it and turning it over, you do not have the impression of a hardware of little value. Far from it. Different speech regarding the plastic base, essential to keep PS5 firmly in a horizontal position but not entirely necessary if you prefer a vertical arrangement. The console, vertically and without a base, does not seem unstable at all, and there will probably be those who prefer to keep it in this configuration next to their TV. However, the base remains uncomfortable to use and attach and has some points that seem decidedly fragile. We close with a warm comment on the two front USB ports: as we feared, the central position leads to dangling cables if you position the PS5 vertically, but Sony is certainly recognized for the foresight of placing both a USB-A and a USB input. -C on the front, a choice that will probably prove useful in the future in the face of an ever greater diffusion of the second format. Find the full comment with our hot impressions in the video above, while the invitation is again to follow the site, the YouTube and Twitch channels and our social networks so as not to miss any of these stages that will lead us to the release of PlayStation 5.

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