PS5: Mark Cerny is a better player than us, he reveals his trophies

PS5: Mark Cerny is a better player than us, he reveals his trophies
What is a competition? If we went to read the literary meaning it would be "a competition and / or struggle between people trying to outdo themselves". Each of us finds ourselves competing with something or someone, all of this creates so much adrenaline that somehow makes us feel more "complete". This news is absolutely not meant to be a lesson to live better, but that in the videogame field the challenges were practically born with the arrival of the famous "High Score" of the first cabinets in the arcades. With the passage of time we have had evolutions reaching the famous trophies or achievements that will accompany us also in the future with the arrival of PS5 and X>box Series X.

The trophies have brought our level of challenge and ours competitors at an unimaginable level. By collecting all the so-called we will have the right to win the "super platinum trophy" which testifies to how good we have been in that particular game. Each title has more or less feasible challenges, challenges that will make us think whether it is possible to continue and eventually "platinum" that game. Who among you has decided to give up and not collect all the trophies of a particular video game? We imagine many. However, this is not the case with Mark Cerny chief designer of PS5 and PS4, who has decided to interrupt his daily routine of information on the next console to be released on November 19th by posting a message late at night revealing that he has platinum Cuphead, a masterpiece developed. from the guys at Studio MDHR recently released on the Sony home console too.

WOW, what an adrenaline rush! Thank you Chad Jared Maja @StudioMDHR for letting me finish out my PS4 journey in style. Thankfully I've got two weeks to recover my strength before # PS5 hits!

- Mark Cerny (@cerny) October 26, 2020

According to the same Sony statistics in fact only 1.6% managed to platinum the game of Studio MDHR while only 0.1% that of Invisible Inc., a turn-based strategic game developed and published by Canadian studio Klei Entertainment. Cerny is currently at level 261 with 29 platinum unlocks. He also recently managed to unlock the final trophy for Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2. In short, the PS5 chief designer is really an avid gamer.

How many platinums have you managed to unlock? Did you do better than Cerny? Tell us about it in the comments below in the dedicated section. As always, we invite you to stay tuned to our pages for all the news regarding PS5.

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